We are coming to the end of the year... And it's time when we all sit back and reflect, recall and rediscover.. the moments that have passed... This post is inspired by this beautiful poem that I came across. After rain after many days without rain,it stays cool, private and cleansed, under the trees,and the … Continue reading Drop…

Life and Death

"Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different side."Lao Tzu In the last few months we have heard about number of deaths. Many have gone through the pain of losing their close ones, direct family members or someone from your circle whom you knew. Unfortunately, I lost 2 of my uncles … Continue reading Life and Death

Src: https://fi.co/insight/coronavirus-mental-wellness-tips-from-the-world-health-organization

Mental Health

"Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary."Fred Rogers In this world where speaking about a lot of things are a taboo. And being politically correct is of utmost importance. Not being rude … Continue reading Mental Health

The message.

After constant attempts of writing blog posts last couple of weeks. Starting them, and half way through clearing up everything, I am very happy to be in the space of writing again. I love the feeling of finishing a book and everything it brings us. The explosion of thoughts, the perspectives and sometimes the right … Continue reading The message.


A few days ago, I met a friend after a long time and somewhere down the conversation, she said something that gave me goosebumps, and I knew I had to write about it! She said "Until 21 I was looking at the world through my parents eyes and ever since I've moved here, I've started … Continue reading Unlearning…

Valentine's Day

So, this entire week I had lots of thoughts about what should I really write about. Lots of topics came up that I thought I should definitely write about. And to be honest until this afternoon it was about something completely different. But sometime ago, I decided to go with the celebrated theme for today … Continue reading Valentine's Day


I think a lot of posts are long due. And my list seems to get longer each time I add a new topic that I would like to write about and share something. Without any further delays, it's time to bring that list to action. Start with something that's been absolutely thrilling and I've been … Continue reading Fears