A little this and little that…

“Somehow, something always happens just before things get to the very worst. It is as if Magic did it. If I could only just remember that always. The worse thing never quite comes.”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess

The winds of new year brought a lot more things than just the winter, like trip to hospital or many trips to service center or simply fear of dependable systems!

It all began on a fine morning in the first week of January. The sudden excruciating pain in my stomach. I decided to take care of it in a traditional way so began my experiment with boiled Jeera water and curd rice. After 34 hours of non stop pain, one of my room mates took me to the hospital (and I hate even visiting a doctor, so he struggled to get me out and make me reach there – Thank you so much). It was 6 30pm by the time we reached and there is a completely different system that works here. I took my insurance card, they asked me my problem at counter (I had it by heart what I had to tell in German) and then they asked me to wait. No matter what anyone is suffering there, you have to wait for minutes(sometimes up to 1 hour) that seems like hours outside. Finally, they called my name and I went in. After just 5 minutes of check up I was shifted to a private ward (which reminded me of Columbia Asia in Bangalore) and thus began my nightmare. I had tubes and wires going from somewhere to somewhere that I couldn’t trace, and could barely move. I have no idea, why they did that. I had to go through all possible tests and finally at 11pm the main doctor comes in. Does some more check up and says I need to stay back that night. I shrieked and wanted to run away from there at that very moment.

Be it the smell of hospital or the environment, it scares everything out of  me and I pleaded her that I wanted to leave (I had automotive software engineering lab the next day morning and there was no way I could miss that!). She agreed but asked me to sign on a paper that said it was my responsibility. I agreed in a jiffy and requested if I could see my friend for just 2 minutes (he was waiting outside since 5 hours, I felt terrible!!!) Since she was a really warm lady, she sent someone to call him and then it was all okay. Since I would be leaving in few minutes, it all seemed to be fine. She asked me to have this one medicine and it would make me fine, and no sooner I realized that it was 5000mg (that my body couldn’t handle)! This was my first visit to a hospital in my life and now I laugh about it, since it was international and will be remembered forever.

Left from there at 12:15 am and my German buddy offered to pick me up in her car (always a sweetheart!!), but I didn’t want to trouble anyone more, so we decided to take the night bus.

Reached home, my other room mate had cooked for us and I just ate and slept (barely knowing where I was) until my alarm made me fall of my bed next morning.

Next few days didn’t become better. They were as dark as the winter was getting, and next crash was my keyboard. The next Sunday after the visit to hospital, my laptop started making extremely annoying noise and I thought I had it this time. Took it to service center and they told it would cost me 200 euros just to replace the keyboard. Now again, being a student, that is a lot of money for a keyboard that can be replaces in 800Rs max in India!

I finally ended up buying an external keyboard and mouse, but the annoying sound didn’t stop. Since the exams were just around the corner, I had to use laptop lot more, no choice there. Papa couldn’t send me a new keyboard to replace in a package directly, so someone who was visiting Germany for a conference, got it along with him and posted it to me within Germany. It reached me pretty quickly (after like 20 days of adjustment), and along with it came, a mini screw driver kit for replacement and my old phone. It was really exciting for me to open up my laptop and replace keyboard since this was gonna make me feel like a true engineer ( I know a lot of my friends have already done post mortem on their devices, but this was my first). Used another laptop to watch video on YouTube, again and again, till I could be confident. Finally, replaced the key board, and the time I hit that power button, just praying to all gods for not to screw it up. It switched on and yes, it worked!

I was as happy as a 5 year old who just made his first Lego construction!

Now, there was just one more tiny thing waiting for me ahead –  “Dependable systems” exam which was exactly a month away and why this was terrifying because, there was not a single person in my course who told me ‘not’ to take it up. All sorts of statements like no one clears in one go, this can be a terrible mistake and so on. Except for one person. This person changed my perspective completely.

So I just waited to meet him before de-register for the exam.

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