Enough with introductions, let’s get real!

I honestly don’t know how I felt seeing people of all age groups smoking, making out in public or simply living the way wanted to. It is their personal choice and I had to just do what I was here for. None of that really bothered me, because I haven’t been bought up as if everything is taboo, instead, I have been taught about everything needed, so that when I see in real, it doesn’t effect me (Thank you papa mumma for that). I feel that is the reason, getting involved into any thing didn’t attract me as much.

College was going great and I started exploring Chemnitz (thanks to the semester ticket for traveling). Went to zoo(Tier Park), outskirts of Chemnitz has the biggest shopping places, random places that really fascinated me like various kinds of housing localities (I found the homes really beautiful because they all seemed like movies sets!)

By now, I was living with 3 other people in the same apartment. It was the first time I had to share everything except room, and cook together and watch movies and so on. So it began, the daily endless discussions about India, Indian food, movies and finally ending up discussing what to cook for that day. We tried cooking everything we could! Watched movies and tried out different kinds of beer each day (We were in Germany after all but I still don’t like beer – no offense to anyone). It was absolutely splendid! I was getting to enjoy the hostel life except the warden!

Each one had their own ways and after a week or so you know how it goes for the day. Like one of my apartment mates had habit of praying loud, well that’s good because we all could pray then. One of them used to be up to date with all the latest Youtube videos and movies. The other one would have everything updated about whats going on in the university and if there is anything that we need to register for. I personally loved cooking and making sure I dance and make others dance with me! It was funny because this song from movie R..Rajkumar was just released and we all loved the song „Gandi Baat“ from that and ended up dancing crazy on that song each evening.

It was starting to get really cold and that meant, we had plans of going out more often (for some weird reason). One by one more people started arriving to Chemnitz, and since we were already familiar with rules and ways, we used to help in any small ways we could. Some of them stayed with us for a few days before they got accommodation and naturally, started sharing the expense for food. Well, later on, the same share for food caused me so much trouble (who would have thought) but about that later. For now, everything seemed awesome and as if I was finding some friends for life (but that doesn’t happen so easily).

Oktober Fest was coming to an end and there was a last party in out university. So obviously, we reached to enjoy our first party together and my first club party ever! To all those who know how clubs are, it must be normal for you all but I was so surprised! With everything! Nevertheless, it was wonderful and so great that we ended up coming back home at 3 30am (by walk) and I decided never to go to clubs again (but I guess everyone says that, and ends up going again the week after).

Things never seem to be what they are, and  I was way too far to even starting to realize that…especially with people…

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