Never ending formalities…

I could finally feel my heart beating and hugged her so tight and thanked every God in the universe at that moment. She told that since it’s that late, there would be just last tram that we had to catch (else night bus in an hour). So we had to just reach the next platform, (I can’t stress enough how lucky I was that day), a part of station was under repair so had to take one more flight of stairs (instead of just crossing easily). Anyways, one more fight of stairs seemed a cake walk that time.

Took a seat in tram, she then told me that we had to buy ticket since I didn’t have the card. Another machine! This one didn’t have the option of switching into English language. I must admit, that knowing just A1 level of German wouldn’t help in any way once your here. She took the ticket for me and the tram left.

Now since we all watch movies and in that when a person enters a new city( generally New york for some reason), it is always sunny, people rushing to work and traffic. Here, it was totally opposite! It was dark, lights shining from closed stores and barely 5 people I saw till I reached the dorms. There were 2 Indian guys in the same tram, who later helped to carry the luggage all the way from tram stop till 4th floor of a building 700m away (Thank you guys!).

As soon as I entered the room – it ended! Well, that’s how rooms are in dorms (12m sq). Now that in website seemed enough, when I had read about it. But who knew that 12 m sq would include bed, table, side table, chair, huge cupboard, kitchen stand, shoe stand and an entire (tiny but equipped) kitchen with chimney! So basically, I could walk in, turn on the spot and return to door. With 4 bags in total and the already filled room (not to forget she has been living in that room past 5 years) didn’t make it easy to even hop.

Anyways, we settled down, she offered me water and that was the first time in life I knew it was safe to have water from tap. That can happen only here I suppose (not in India for sure). She had arranged some other place for herself to sleep that night and I had to meet her again at 8 in morning to begin with all the registrations and so on.

She asked me to be comfortable and use whatever I wanted, and left me there. Finally, I was in Germany. At 1 in the morning, thinking of all possibilities and still figuring out if I was really there( or was it another one of my dreams that I had been having for months). Naturally, the first thing what anyone would do is inform parents, yes I did that by sending a mail (since I couldn’t have contacted them by calling), BUT after I made Maggi for myself and ate every bit of it!

Papa was awake at that time waiting for my mail I guess( that time it was 4 and half hours time difference), replied within next 4 minutes of my mail and finally I slept. One of the most peaceful sleeps I had for ages.

Woke up in morning as if I had been waking up early since childhood (due to excitement of course), got ready and there she was, a knock on my door at sharp 8 (I so love Germany for their punctuality!).

We left, walked to her favorite bakery to get some breakfast and coffee (That is a very normal thing here, and I can tell that because  we had to wait 10 minutes in the queue just to get a coffee). Well, I am fond of black coffee(espresso) but they gave milk cap(which was to be added) , which I was unaware about until she taught me that. We left in her car, and reached the university.

Before we began the day, I noticed that she had everything planned (with time) in her small diary! I was so happy to have learned that it is not uncommon to have a diary with day plans (although I used to be teased for that back from where I come). That time I was sure that I had reached the right place for myself.

First step was Matriculation, which is another term for enrollment into any educational organization. Got my ID card( which is also a semester ticket to travel anywhere in the entire state of Saxony, use library and computer pools for all the browsing and printing). Being in Automotive Software Engineering which belongs to Informatik (Computer Science) Department, we get 1000 pages prints every semester provided we submit sheets to them (I was home again, I felt).

After that, we went to the insurance office, to report that I had arrived (Insurance is one oft he most important things once you enter this country), followed by bank to unblock the account.

We also had to go to city registration office, but that work had to wait until I had a contract of my own. By lunch time, we went to see the place I had found online, and confirm it. According to Chemnitz standards, it was an awesome place (with which comes a lot of money)! But, since I was too far behind in waiting list for dorms, had to take this until then. I confirmed that place to the concerned person and she told, I had to wait a week until I got the keys. finally bought a sim card, which too had a long process, but nevertheless I could talk to mumma papa finally!

So, for the next one week, I moved to another room in another dorm, which belonged to this person who was at that time in India, and had agreed to give his room temporarily (with some amount to be paid on per day basis), that’s normal here since we all are just students and paying for each resource we use including water!

Following that evening, I took my buddy’s leave, thanked her so much and moved to another room (for a week).

Just a day had passed and I had already learned dozen of rules and regulations.

Welcome to Germany.

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