Parties! Dance! Drinks! and?


The first thing I look forward to every morning, is my cell phone (like everyone else) but I had a very specific reason. Since there was four and half hours difference(now) between India and Germany timings, by the time I used to open my eyes to another beautiful day, my inbox had another new mail from none other than papa! Each day there was something different except for one…

The day in mail subject used to change. Since the time I entered this country, I receive a mail from papa every morning. It will have the normal things about day, followed by some interesting newspaper article from that day’s newspaper, a motivational thought and finally lots of love… This was my routine everyday – wake up, read the mail, reply to the mail and then begin my day (with coffee because chocolate milk was no longer imposed on me – relief!)

There were some more people who arrived, and surprisingly, all 4 of them took the rooms right below where I lived (in the same apartment). Others were lucky to have got dorms as soon as they arrived. So there were times, when we went to pick them up from station or take for registrations, and help them buy all basic things which were needed. Automatically and naturally, bonding increased. As far as I knew, I would share all that I knew about the course with people who also took the same course.

A group started to form and my (not so exposed) mind thought that this is how it happens on screen and we all stay happily forever. How stupid I could be. We were 12 people by now who used to hang out, go out together, attend all parties happening in universities and so on.

Our first trip to a place called Stollberg! All we did, was take the tram from central station to that place, got down at the place. Took a lot of pictures and since it was weekend, nothing was open. Finally returned back to city in same tram. But I must admit, it was really fun.

I guess you get all the time to do all this only while your a student and enjoy the crazy, pointless tours just for the fact that your with friends.

Now this happens to almost everyone who does drink (once in a while) and so did it, with me as well. In one of the parties, we met a lot of seniors and very warmly, they all welcomed us. So there was a lot of loud music, lots of drinks and finally we ended up sitting and laughing in one of the dorm rooms. Chicken wings kept right there and at middle of the night, after drinking and dancing all anyone needs is food (yes bed obviously but after food). So we had lots of chicken wings and called it for the night.

I was walking back with my other apartment mates and it was one of the best walks I’ve had. I remember sitting at every possible chance I could on the way, asking questions one after another and laughing for no apparent reason. My friend was patient enough to answer all my questions and keep me occupied (so that I don’t find a place and sit down, again) ,kept walking and made sure I walked all the way. One of my other friend was just too quiet, I guess trying to maintain his personality factor, but unusually quiet.

It was dawn by the time we all reached and crashed in our respective beds. Wonderful night indeed until…

Next morning I was informed that I  did try to throw up on the way and spoke a lot(pretty normal in my case) but all in all, ended up normal at home.

‘ All this happens in every students life’ (I have asked and that’s why this sentence is here), is what was told to me when I felt so bad that I ended up quiet all day, next day. But either ways, as they say, all is well that ends well.

And yes, all this was described in my next day’s mail to papa (else I couldn’t have digested the fact that I didn’t share something with him) and whatever happened after that…follows…

One thought on “Parties! Dance! Drinks! and?

  1. karma2k17 says:

    “Well, later on, the same share for food caused me so much trouble (who would have thought) but about that later.” – Enough with the introduction, let’s get real

    “A group started to form and my (not so exposed) mind thought that this is how it happens on screen and we all stay happily forever. How stupid I could be.” – parties!Dance! Drinks! and?

    I really hope you let the cat out of the bag in your subsequent posts.
    Once again, thank you for sharing 🙂

    Have a great day ^^


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