Penguins – My first love!

I have been fascinated by visiting zoo’s since I can remember (Thank you papa). And one of the things in my to-do list was to see penguins in real (in India that’s not possible), by visiting Antarctica (Yes I still want to)! So when I came here and heard from someone that there are Penguins in zoo’s here, the first thing was obviously to search the closest zoo and go (screw classes for that day)!

One day right after attending a class, I met my roommates and another friend at the bus stop and we all were free for the rest of the day (or so we decided to be), but anyhow, we randomly planned to leave for Leipzig! When the station is just 300m away, its hard to cancel (Plus I could get Starbucks coffee!!!). So we texted everyone and asked if anyone was willing to join, but I guess they concentrate in class much more than me at least (so no reply until we were half way to Leipzig).

We have never been to Leipzig, but thanks to maps, and big sign boards, it barely took us 13 minutes until we were standing right in front of the zoo! I felt I was a little kid all over again! It looked so inviting and interesting that I couldn’t wait to explore! Now since we had just 5 more hours remaining in the visiting timings, we had to rush and honestly 5 hours are not enough to cover the beautiful lands of the the zoo.

If you want to know why I sound so enthusiastic about this particular visit, check out the link : Leipzig ZOO.

After a simply wonderful day, we returned to Chemnitz and started planning for the first birthday coming up. I have always loved planning birthday’s and since it was our first birthday’s away from home (at least for people I knew), I thought why not take the initiative and be a little more organized. So thanks to Whatsapp, created a group and thus began the discussions about the secret birthday planning. It was decided that we all could pool in 3 euros each for the gift and cake. Now we had got amazing kitchen fitted (finally!) and I didn’t want to leave the opportunity to bake a cake (chocolate obviously)!

So the day arrived and I baked my first cake in Germany, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was eatable (Thanks to chocolate glaze on top along, and candles that made it look attractive). We all had bought the gift together (dart board, a perfect gift which is only for that person[yea sure]) and gave a nice surprise. That marked the beginning of birthday’s and whatsapp groups, almost every month (Something to look forward to).

I had only seen Halloween celebrations in movies and was waiting eagerly to be a part of celebrations this year (basically looking forward to buy scary clothes, masks and look absolutely scary!) We had our first celebrations in one of the clubs as University and it was absolutely crazy! I mean, I did expect scary level, but I did have mini attacks few times that night (thanks to costumes).

We left from the party and went for a long walk in our costumes (because that’s what you do when its -1 degree outside at 1:30 am) and that’s when we saw thin sheets of ice on car’s wind shield. If this wasn’t enough, we played games that we all used to play on streets while growing up (doctor help, goal spot, and that numbered boxes game where we hop and skip). We were joined by my German buddy and 2 of her friends and it became all the more memorable since one of them was completely high.

This marked the end of autumn or rather to be positive, marked the beginning of winter (which I was so looking forward to since my first snow fight was just few days away….)

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