Pushing my limits, just a little further…

https://goo.gl/2167VM” The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” –  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Once again, I was being guided by the one above. He made sure I met the right person at the right time before making any decisions that I would regret later.

One day, while talking with my German buddy, we were discussing exam patterns in Germany. I happen to express my views on the subject Dependable systems. Surprisingly she was aware about the flying opinions about this subject. She suggested me to talk to her friend, whom I had met on the first day at university and then decide what to do with it.

So we decided a date, when we all were free and they cam home for dinner as per plan. He came along with all the notes he had made for his preparation and the discussion began. I transited from state of ‘not going to write’ to ‘why not write’ in the span of 2 hour discussion.

We enjoyed the meal and I remember him telling me, “I can do it in first go” and that should be my goal. Not think about giving up just because no one else is attempting. It kinda felt good to see someone had confidence in my abilities.

The energy drink season (as i like to call it) or the exam season was almost knocking our rooms. I noticed that there were a lot more energy drinks in fridge than food as days came closer.  There was a routine that was shaping as far as studies are concerned. I always enjoyed studying at night, when I could only hear some crickets from outside or maybe some discussions regarding some subject from the room adjacent to mine.

February brought a lot of pressure along with its unfavorable weather. Exams began in first week of Feb which followed all the way till  first week of March. And I couldn’t forget mumma’s birthday in second week of Feb. I decided to make it a little special by baking a cake, gathering my room mates and celebrating it over Skype. It was worth it, because the happiness of the bearer is always reflected in shine of eyes.

The only terrifying exam was Dependable (for now), because others I hadn’t even started preparing yet. I was down with 2 exams and next was this terror. A week exactly before this, I invited that friend and German buddy again, to clear doubts and in real, to cool down a bit. They were more than happy to help me be fine, and took out time form e(sweethearts I tell you). I feel the most important thing you can give anyone is your time, because this is something you can never get back and is indeed much valuable than anything in life.

They came, and he explained me what exactly to do for next 7 days. That included no cooking, no phone, no Facebook. Only studying, sleeping and eating (thanks to my roommates who were equally supportive and didn’t allow me to enter kitchen following 7 days!)

Thus began my zombie phase. I started from scratch and studied more than I have ever studied in life. At one point I felt, if I would have done the same before GATE exam, maybe I could have got a seat at IISc (Indian Institute of Science) which I always wanted. But nonetheless, god had another plan for me.

On the night before this exam, I did look like a person who hasn’t seen anything except books which clearly visible by the disturbing dark circles under my eyes and my state in short.

I reached the exam room 15 minutes before time, and looked around to find no one from my batch. I saw 18 other seniors who were writing again and that time, I did feel I should run away and call in sick. De-register from the exam and just run away.

I tried maintaining my breath but it was impossible. Exam began and it was just for 32 points! This is like a class test back in India. thinking that, I began my most memorable exam yet.

The time flew and I submitted the paper by the end of 1 and half hour. I had no idea what would happen but deep down, I was really pleased with myself. I hadn’t been that pleased since I had written my last chemistry paper of my life!

Now all that was left was, waiting for the results of this subject. Apart from starting preparation for next 4 subjects. That was only a week away.

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