Someone’s watching over you…

Well, it was time to get ready to move, again. Before I left India, I met someone from Gurudwara (temple), who’s relatives lived in Germany (For my luck, very close to Chemnitz). So, once I was here, I got in touch with them and they agreed to meet me. My first car ride in Audi(Yay!!). We went to all second hand stores for things I needed (because IKEA was out of my budget), and explored all the possible places for the cheapest deal(again, bent by habit) and finally we bought a mattress, chair, light and most importantly Indian spices. While leaving he gave me a box of Son Papdi(Indian sweet) for good luck!

I was so happy, seeing the Indian cooking ingredients and sweet and finally having basic things that I needed (all in a matter of few hours!). My appetite was back! So I went about five times up and down from dorm room to new room, to shift everything, one after another changing tram and bus.

First thing I did was boil milk (as it is taught to us from childhood), since it was my new home. Applied red tika to door, did pooja and enjoyed my evening with chocolate milk and son papdi!  Setting my room was fun since fort he first time, I didn’t have to share it (earlier I used to with my brother, I didn’t mind though) and I could put up anything, keep things in my own way and decorate it with the least of signs that it was a girls room!

I put up the huge poster that my brother had gifted me before I came here, with his own first earnings (it’s still the most important thing for me whenever I move my room and will always be). That poster defined my room, after all it was „Sheldon Cooper“ from Big Bang Theory (my absolute favorite)!

I finally got my city registration done, changed my address everywhere that was supposed to be done and the Orientation week began.

It is generally really fun to attend that week, since there are lot of activities and guided tours to the city and so on. But, I attended one of the formal meetings in which they had explained how to use the TU Chemnitz website and OPAL platform and all of that. And after that meeting, I didn’t participate in any other activity (well I was busy exploring places by myself for some reason) until the International dinner took place.

I did attend that one, started meeting a lot of people (although there wasn’t any food left by the time I was there). That Sunday, I decided to go to Gurudwara and get blessings for the new semester that was beginning the very next day.

After searching for an hour again (thanks to maps and the building), I found the place. It was a very normal looking old building, and I couldn’t imagine a temple without any sound/name. But it was peaceful and got some amazing food that afternoon(Punjabi Kadi was enough to sooth all my worries at the moment).

Thus, I began my semester with some more blessings and thanked the one above for helping me reach where I was that day.

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