The take off…

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch


The day has finally come when I decide to implement what I have been planning for weeks now…

This is my first post in this blog. Yes, I have decided to blog, yet again. Why? Simple explanation would be – Writing your thoughts not only helps you in many great ways but maybe, helps someone somewhere in this world. If even a line from this blog, can make a difference in anyone’s life for even a moment, well that justifies my motive.

This blog isn’t gonna be about philosophical views or talking about anything in specific. This is gonna be all about my experience and my journey from Bangalore, India (where I was born and brought up) till Stuttgart, Germany (where I am presently pursuing my internship).

To begin with, on some rare days (once or twice a week), I have this sudden realization that I am 7346 kms away from my home! Exactly a year ago this was nothing but a dream (Not that I wanted to be away from my family but just to experience life in its true colors)!

A year ago, there I was, just out of an engineering college, and with two job offers in hand, GATE results yet to be announced, and IELTS results already out and all prayers on getting an admit from any TU(Technical University) of Germany! Well, the decision was simple to make as to what to chose? Answer – papa! He, as usual asked me to sit and analyze the pros and cons of each of my options and then tell him what I felt. By the way, this is the same practice being followed for any small or big decision in my life, since I was 4. And it helps me big time! Coming back to choice – well after all the endless discussions at home, financial constraints being analyzed and most importantly, me leaving the home (!!!) it was finalized that I am allowed to pursue my masters in TU Chemnitz, Germany.

Naturally I was on cloud 9 and I (along with help of course) started preparing to leave. For a person like me, who wasn’t even allowed to go till Goa with friends, was actually allowed to fly half way across the globe! Uff! First task done!

Then comes the phase when you are close to leaving home for 2 full years (coz that’s what was decided mutually), the value of small things like normal dal-chawal with papad – till – whom will I fight with now (reference to my brother)? Nevertheless, the happiness and excitement of beginning a new chapter of life, studying masters and being the first kid of the family to be going abroad for studies definitely makes you forget all the worries for a while (until you land in another country and have no clue what to do next)!

So the day arrived when I was suppose to leave and being a Punjabi , it is but normal to be at airport with at least 15 people to see you off with camera flashes and a lot of tears (of joy). Awesome feeling! Never expected that papa and I would cry the most whereas we are the ones making sure no one cries! Well, had to happen. Papa’s little princess was grown enough to face the world all by herself (which is still a fact that surprises me).

Checked in – done. Checking and other formalities – done. Waiting for time to come when I have to board. And finally – it did.

As the plane took off, the feelings that were exploding inside cannot be explained in words. Fear, excitement, the void and the confidence, all just mashed up around the heart and heartbeat elevated just as the plane that left for Frankfurt, Germany.

Thus, the journey began.

4 thoughts on “The take off…

  1. Soumya Nambiar says:

    Hi, I just got an admit from RWTH in Aachen. I was wondering if the TUs (Technical University) have a higher grade compared to Hochschule. Are they valued differently in the German job market from an employer’s point of view ?


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