Unexpected turn of events…

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” –  Paulo Coelho

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We all have that time when we are kind of lost and have no idea why certain things are happening or what to do. For instance exam time for almost all students all over the globe remains constant. The tension and stress over shadows the basic routine and for some reason, we become moody (at least that is my experience).

This was one such time. Exams in Germany are no different, but some things are new – the timings can be very strange, followed by duration of the paper and most importantly, the total marks. All those who have studied in India are prepared for the concept of 100 marks final paper no matter what. Here, it differs from one subject to another and timings are awesome (pun intended)!

After my dependable exam, my roommates had an oral exam and one of them had from 9:20pm to 9:40pm. By the time they all came back home, it was 10:30pm. I remember it clearly because the way each one expressed their experience was awesome.

One after another, exams took place and one evening, I was out with my roommates at a supermarket (usual way of taking a break during exams). Met a few seniors there and I remembered they were with me writing Dependable paper. Little did I know that they were going to make my day (rather week or even month). We started talking and the first thing they asked me whether i checked my results of Dependable Systems. I stopped dead on my tracks and tried to put a brave look while giving sideways look at my roommates. I told no and continued looking for some answers. One of them knew my matriculation number and had already checked my results. He told I was one of the few who cleared this time and I could feel myself shaking (I still feel the shiver when I recall that moment). I thought he was kidding, so asked his if he could show me the results. I checked and as soon as I saw my number followed by results, I was so thankful!! Hadn’t realized that it had indeed been so long since I had thanked God like this. They ended up asking for the notes which I had made and I was more than happy to share. Gave a call to papa immediately and he asked me to buy myself a bottle of wine and celebrate with my friends that evening.

Trying to keep myself from hopping and skipping home, I managed to reach my room 45 minutes later. It was wonderful! I called up my German buddy and her friend and thanked them for having confidence in me. All the support and wishes had paid off. This marked the boost in my efforts for the remaining exams.

Small packet with big surprises – February was one such month. A week after this news, I received a mail from Student dorms and I was told that they have a room for me. I was super happy, but didn’t want to leave my roommates. So decided to ask for them and make sure we all move out together. Went to meet the respective person, requested and explained the situation, she was really nice and agreed to assign more rooms for them as well.

It was final! We all were moving on last day of February but our rooms were not given until 1st week of March. And yet again, one of our friends who had got a room already in dorms, was more than happy to adjust all of us until we got our keys.

Very different kind of experience again and sometimes gestures like these, mark the beginning of friendship that last forever.

Moving wasn’t easy since I didn’t realize that my things had overgrown from 2 suitcases to well, a lot of stuff! My German buddy was again there, to rescue me and cut all the pain during exams by helping us move in the car.

We all spent last 2 days cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Though it was tiring but one of the most memorable cleaning sessions I have been a part of.

In the midst of all these events, I still had a terror waiting for me. I had 3 exams in a span of first 6 days of March(alternate days). All I needed was a place now, to sit and study and mark the glass one-fourth full which was none other than my masters degree.

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