What next?

“College is something you complete. Life is something you experience.” – Jon Stewart, William and Mary

The next morning I did receive a reply from papa regarding the previous mail and it had exact words that always resound in my head in papa’s voice – “Make sure whatever you do in life, never lets my head down“. That’s it.These words spoke volumes and gave my mind a kick!I started going for morning walks and it did good to me. I discovered a lot more about the area I lived in, apart from than university and supermarket (like that’s all is needed to survive). I found  a beautiful park which had a huge lake and lots of ducks and birds in vicinity. It was compared to Sankey Tank lake of Bangalore and for me it served the same purpose. I did the same, visited it whenever I needed some me time or wanted to talk to a friend in peaceful and calm environment. These walks were awesome and made me happy but bound by youth’s tendency of inconsistency, my walks stopped within countable number of days and I found something else more interesting to spend my time on.

I enrolled for „Okinawan kobudo“. (Yes that’s the same expression I had when I read that option in sports list for the first time on university website). Then Wikipedia helped me understand what I had enrolled for – it is a Japanese term which translates to “old martial way of Okinawa” and refers to weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts. In short when I tried explaining this at home, I had to just say self defense classes – Japanese style (made it much easier for me and them to understand).

It was a Saturday and I hadn’t woken up till around 10 when my roommates woke me up and told there’s some parcel for me at the door. I reached the door and a person had some package for me and he said – “Happy Diwali” and left. I was wondering 2 things, who sent the package so randomly and how does that person know about Diwali here in Germany???

I opened the package very carefully and I could feel my heartbeat so fast by the time I opened it completely. It was

none other than my most favorite sweet in the world – Kaju Katli !!! Papa mumma and Jun had sent it for my first Diwali away from home and I couldn’t stop my tears of joy! Called them immediately and couldn’t thank them enough for the best Diwali present ever! Diwali was celebrated with full energy level and each one prepared a traditional dish. Cleaned rooms like we hadn’t in ages, wore traditional dresses which were never taken out of suitcase before that day, and lighted the apartment with a lot of candles. Not to forget the pooja (prayer) place, was beautifully decorated. We did everything we could to make everyone feel home and miss families a little less, and the evening was wonderful indeed! There was pooja, delicious food, music, dance, talks and the day ended perfectly.As far as I know, that was the last time I truly felt I was with people who could make me forget home  (for few minutes) and henceforth things were changing…slowly…but changing…

There are times when you feel something but can’t really explain…that’s what was happening. I didn’t discuss it even my closest of friends and waited till I was absolutely sure. Now everyday is not sunshine, there were nights when I used to just step out of my apartment door, sit on one of the windows and just cry. Reasons were not certain but feeling was. I was learning a lot of things and these few nights in cold made me think a lot and realize too much. Nonetheless, everyone goes through this and thanks to one of my aunt’s who too had been through same things, used to call me once a week at least and everything was much better again (I couldn’t tell this at home, they would just worry and I didn’t wanna add any more worries than they already had).

Something changed very suddenly and I was still my own beautiful perfect world to realize that change…

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