The flashback…

It was the first morning in Stuttgart and I had woken up and dragged myself out of the bed, just to make my phone shut up. It had been ringing for longer than usual today (or so it seemed like) and I picked up the call and answered with a groggy voice. On the other end was one of the managers of Research and Development Department at BMW, Munich office. I suddenly cleared my throat and said hello again (how stupid I must have sounded, didn’t occur to me then) . He repeated very calmly and continued to state his purpose of call. I could only come to one conclusion at that time – it couldn’t be real. He had just offered me an internship and thesis combination at BMW, Munich!

After keeping the call, I managed to sit on my new bed, which I wasn’t even used to yet and recalled what I had told myself exactly 8 months 28 days ago –

***************************8 months 28 days ago****************************

I woke up at the first bell of alarm, it was 4:30 am and -2 degrees outside. Not wanting to disturb any of my roommates sleeping, I got ready and picked up my bag – all ready to leave for a guided tour at BMW factory, Leipzig. Making sure I packed my medicines, coffee and cookies, I ran for the main station, not wanting to miss the train at 5:50 am. The journey to Leipzig was nothing like all the other times before. It was like there was a background count of kms running in my head. After reaching Leipzig, another train had to be taken to reach a particular bus stop which would further finally make me reach my destination (why can’t time fly at such times??). Seeing hundreds of cars in parking lot before reaching the factory, finally gave me the realization that I was almost there.

{Before I continue – why was BMW factory visit so important? Well, because everyone has that one place you always want to work in – one day! And this was(is) my one-day company! – Moving on}

I tried taking it all in as much as my eyes could. The beautiful and amazingly huge group of buildings which was all running on the electricity that was generated by the bunch of wind mills that it was surrounded by! Amazing use of natural sources of energy, I must say. I registered myself at the reception and I was told that the tour would begin after an hour. Until then, they expected all the visitors to go around the stalls that represented different sections of the company. Discuss the possibilities of career options and have free beverages. Not wanting to leave any opportunity of that – I began clearing my doubts with almost all sections I could find free during those 60 minutes.

Then, everyone was asked to leave bags and jackets(including mobile phones) in lockers and they handed out a receiver along with pair of headsets. The tour began after setting the receiver to the right channel and I followed. First few words didn’t make sense, I thought I got the channel wrong. Looking around at others and peeking at the channels they were all set to, made me shut up and listen more carefully. So, the guided tour was in German.

I was in Germany only since 2 months and 2 days – that wasn’t enough time for me to understand that kinda German. Anyways, ignoring that part for the next 3 and half hours, I followed everyone and started absorbing the beauty of engineering – at its best! I was so overwhelmed by the end of the tour and couldn’t wait to go home and talk to mumma papa and tell them everything!

The car that was being rolled in the factory at that time was BMW i3. I cannot explain how thrilling those 4 hours of my life were. Everything that I had been watching on National Geography channel (Mega factories) since I can’t even remember, I was living it. That was the day I was absolutely sure, that it was the right choice to come here.

After the tour was complete, I didn’t want to go back without a souvenir and although the prices at shops in museums or factories are at least 3 times the original, I ended up buying 3 articles.  2 coffee travel mugs for me and one of my roommates who too loved coffee/tea and a scale model of i3 for another roommate who proffered anything apart from too much coffee.

Although I knew that now I couldn’t afford any real gift for them for the new year, but realizing that my new year celebrations had already began a month before, made the purchase absolutely worth it!

On the way back in the bus, where I could still see fade lining of the factory, I had told myself – “I’m going to work for BMW one day!”. Smiling to myself like an idiot, I reached back Chemnitz by 6pm.

***********************************8 months 28 days later***********************************

Here I was, barely awake, thinking to myself – sometimes, some things that you wish for whole heatedly, do come true.

But the decision was yet to be made.

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