Loving myself…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

Who says you need constant assurance to feel good about yourself? (Well I did, until sometime back)

But this is what I realized few days back – Like everything else in life, this too has 2 sides to it.

Darker side suggests that we need people who give us their opinions and only then we feel good about what we do in life.

Positive side – Give a s%#t! You don’t need anyone to tell you that you are doing fine.

Well, I too was a victim of constant approval. Until a day came when I didn’t get any and it made me feel low. Sitting in evening, watching random YouTube videos, which I wasn’t event concentrating on I thought to myself, Why? Why was this so important? Why couldn’t be happy all by myself?

I started recalling all the bullshit I have done, and also the things I had achieved. Well like any other element of nature, this had balanced out too. I needn’t feel guilty anymore, and nor did I fly high for anything. But deep down, I was happy. Just happy.

We all have things, that can pull us down and not let us emerge for days and also things that can make us feel so proud that we see everything from a tower,  but the truth is – we just need to be true to ourselves. Love ourselves for what we did and what we are today. That’ll take care of everything else and keep us rooted.

Another significant thought that dawned upon me was when recently, one of my best friends hadn’t even bothered to share something so huge that had happened recently in that persons life. Well, sounds childish? Yes, maybe it is. But the day you realize that you share things with someone you think deserves to know and that does not eventuate, just sit back and contemplate.

Maybe that’s the day of your realization.Start valuing yourself.

For small things or big. For who you are. Stop evaluating yourself on every small thing, because life is too short for that.Each day, each moment, life is beautiful. Irrespective of the things you may not wish to happen, they will and they must. So why worry, when happiness lies right within you.Grab it and see the world around you change its colors.

Promptly – You see the world depending on the color of glasses you wear.

So keep smiling and loving yourself, life gets much easier that way.

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