The treasure of basement…

“Anything that is free, can be used!”- Sincerely, all students.

This is something that I really adore and miss about living in a hostel – finding treasures in the basement.

Well, that is something taught by one of my really good friends when I first moved into dorms. This person had all the things needed and not needed in a student’s room and I was really curious from where it all came. Knowing one fact for sure that no matter what, a student won’t buy anything more than what is not necessary at any cost (except the Euro shop of course).

So this person takes me for a walk an early morning and instead of getting some fresh air, I was trying not to get those lines on my forehead, when I realized I reached basement.  Apparently, this was the place where all the students leaving would leave their stuff and go. Be it old office chairs, or microwaves, ovens, toasters, carpets and if your lucky maybe even printer and scanners.

I got my first carpet from here. It really added a beauty to my tiny 12sq m living area.

After a while, you start noticing things kept at end of corridor or near the elevators. Especially things like microwave are a treasure! It makes life easier especially pampering the laziness of ‘students’! So one would take, test it and since it wouldn’t work, keep it somewhere at end of corridor and this is again picked up in middle of night by someone else and by morning, the place changes. So, a good-looking and non-functional microwave would have had a tour of entire building by the end of the week and is sure to be found in the place where it was first seen.

It is hilarious, because even though we know it doesn’t work, we make sure we text each other and inform someone else about it. Just for the fun of it (Fun times!).

So by the time I was used to this, new semester had begun. Same old routine had cycled in. Taking at least 2 weeks to finalize a time table and this semester, I wanted to learn a new thing – Salsa (which I always wanted to learn). So I enrolled myself for classes and thus it began.

Something else that I didn’t expect to be doing was, working at the university. It is called HiWi job (I still don’t know why), I was lucky enough that accepted my application and I began my 2 months job at the university.

Plate was pretty full but things began in full swing!


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