Stoked by the trip to Prague…

“I have had one of the best 48 hours in the Heart of Europe: Prague”

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Along with 6 other friends of mine, to make the semester holidays end with a blast, we decided to go to Prague.

Couldn’t wait for the alarm to ring, I was wide awake way before that. Prague after all! One of the most beautiful places I had read about, done my research on and was waiting like a crazy person to leave.

We took the first train to Dresden from Chemnitz, and the next train to Prague from there. Entered Czech Republic and same feeling again. This was my second foreign country and the language, well let’s just say it, they have birds on their alphabets, that make no sense to me.

One thing to be kept in mind was, this is one of the world renowned tourist spots and you have to be careful with your belongings. Up to now I had only experienced pocket lifters of Delhi to the max. This was all new level of craziness.

After reaching the station, we got ourselves maps, and off we started to walk. Walked all the way to the other side of “Charles Bridge.” This is something everyone who has visited Prague would surely know. We had our first cross overs right in the beginning. Now being students, if you have to stay, our best solution to that – Youth hostels. It was cheap and comfortable enough. We took a room with 8 beds (4 bunkers) and settled as quickly as we could. Couldn’t wait to start exploring.

We followed the map and covered almost all TO-BE seen places of the the golden city! I don’t wanna talk about the spots since that can be found in any tourist map. But there were some really awesome experiences. I think like many others, I am too really fascinated with new currency. It’s called Czech Crown (czk), but being a tourist place, euros are accepted almost everywhere (of course with some extra charges). So crossing the Charles bridge again, to Astronomical Clock, to Old town square, National Theater, Dancing house, National Gallery to oldest Jewish cemetery, we covered all this in the first day.

All day, we explored and made a lot of memories, all sealed in our tiny memory card. By the end of the day, we spotted an Indian restaurant – Bombay express. By the look on everyone’s face, it seemed like now everyone has found their paradise. We had a sumptuous meal (a little overpriced), but absolutely delicious!

We returned to hostel and then decided to go clubbing or get some sleep. I think we had walked for more than 23 km that days. So by the wit of the brain, some of us left hostel and went to click some pictures from Charles bridge of none other than the Prague Castle which is an absolute treat to eyes!

On the way back, I stamped over a brand new lock which still had its keys on it. Assuming its a sign from above, I took it to the bridge under Charles Bridge and along with thousands of other locks, I made a wish and locked it there. And making sure my wish comes true, I wished again and threw the keys in river below(God knows if they come true or not). Feeling absolutely pleased, walked back to hostel.

Next day, we had to visit the Castle! The most famous thing about Prague! And off we went. Thanks to energy boosters, we could manage to walk and couldn’t help but fell in love with the beauty that awaited us. It is by far the best castle I have seen and mesmerized me completely! We could see a tower from castle and (hot-blood) decided to walk all the way to reach. After struggled walk of 2 and half hours, we managed to reach there. It looked like a small version of Eiffel Tower of Paris but called Petrin tower on the Petrin hill. Since the price of ticket to go all the way upstairs was more than the amount of money we were left with, some of us decided to spend time in the beautiful park next to it. While others could have a nice look, we played and took some awesome clicks! In air, flying, action sequel and what not.

They returned and off we went to check out of hostel.

Our train was not until next morning 6am. But, since its Prague, you must visit the clubs and lounges its got to offer! Club patrolling was the agenda for that night. While some of us didn’t want to spend on entrance of clubs, we decided to go for the free entrance one’s. And decided to meet the rest directly at the station in morning.

Expecting a lot of people and loud music, to our luck, the first stop was Buddha Bar which was indeed a really classy and peaceful lounges, that I had heard of. This was my first time to a real club/lounge. Sat there for an hour or so and moved to the next club. This seemed like a place that I saw in shows and movies. Ended up spending rest of the time in that place. Didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. And off we headed to station at 4am.

Knowing it was too early, but exhausted with everything that had happened past 48 hours, I decided to take a nap at one of the benches.

Next thing I knew, I was being woken up to run since train was just 10 min from leaving.

Thus began the run for the train (which we were apparently early for)…


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