Internship applications – Time to think…

“One does not simply start applying for internship – until pants are on fire!”

All the fun days were done. It was time for 2nd semester. After constant parties over a month, trip to Prague and all the confusion – finally semester begins.

Except a slight hindrance – it doesn’t effect the routines of students for at least a fortnight after that. In the rear seat of my mind, thought of finding an internship had already started disturbing me. To make it more irritating, balance in my bank made it all the more worse because all I had to do now was, search for a paid internship!

Well, this wouldn’t have been difficult if it was in India, but this wasn’t and here in Germany, things have to be in order! So seeking advice from a counselor in our university seemed like a start. After 3 meetings with her and 12 attempts to forming a good resume and cover letter, I began my search.

Well, the first few are always bad (comparatively to future ones) and they are sure to be rejected (at least that’s what happened in my case).

There are some simple steps to be followed while applying and this I learnt 4 months into the applying period (basically by end of semester) .

  1. Be clear in what your searching for
  2. Be prepared with a good resume and cover letter (other documents too, just in case)
  3. Apply to a company and go into hibernation because they will take time to reply!
  4. Keep applying every single day to different companies (not same company more than once)
  5. Keep calm.

Well, if these things I would have known while I was in that phase, God! it would have been so much more easier. Nonetheless, my applications began.

After a month, my first reply from a company just knocked on my mobile and I didn’t have to even read it since it ended with – “We wish you all the success for your future.” Damn! That is disappointing (at beginning), until you start analyzing your applications more carefully.

Each day, I got a rejection for the next 2 months – reason (DEUTSCHE!!! – GERMAN skills). Sometimes more than 1 in one day. And if I was lucky, some days they would not reply (sad but good for me since my level of confidence was dropping like a thermometer losing temperature when dipped in cold water).

But then, as usual, God was looking at all this, sitting and having a good laugh when he finally decided to send someone for help. Now this was at the most unexpected place when your in middle of such a crucial time – party! I happen to have a random conversation with this person who was friends with my friend who’s party I was at. And within the next 30 minutes, I had gained so much knowledge regarding this, that I hadn’t in last few months.

After the guidance, when I returned home that night, I just wrote it on a post it and crashed (obviously no one would write an application when you’re drunk, isn’t it?).

Next morning, my application had a complete trip from say first time made burnt cookies to a full fledged layered cake! Sent that new version to my new friend and that person invited me for lunch, to discuss it further before I could send any more applications.

That lunch, completely changed my way of thinking.

4 thoughts on “Internship applications – Time to think…

  1. Nirav Nirmal says:

    Servus! Could you share the wisdom from that party friend? I find myself now in the same situation having applied to about 20 companies for Internship during last two months..still searching one 😦 (i can speak fluent German!). -Nirav

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunil says:

    Good Piece! I think instead of writing ‘this person’ and ‘that person’, there is no harm in mentioning the person’s name. All the Best for future writings.


    • charupathni says:

      Are you sure? 😉 Since i was told that many people get offended by mentioning names in blog, I decided to keep it discrete 🙂 But if there is no harm than I shall 🙂 Thank you 🙂


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