The domino effect…

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true…”

With fingers crossed, perspiring and just praying with all my heart and soul – they entered again. Just for the fun of it or test my patience, I was asked to draw and explain my Bachelor’s project. (Because I so love writing on white board – I had to be an idiot to think about that during that time). Anyways, I did that and then the HR told me, that I have been accepted.

That moment, I felt and realized how breath feels like. I shook hands, thanked them and asked about my future prospects (just for the fun of it) and they smiled and told, well there is something in store for sure. After which, I was following my going-to-be mentor all across three beautiful buildings, over a glass bridge and he took me where I would be working. After explaining for about 20 more minutes, I honestly didn’t get the terms, but I got the big picture of what I would be doing exactly. I told him the same (not knowing it would make things good or bad anymore). Well, honesty is the key. He told if you were to tell me you understood, I would know you were lying.

Laughing about this, I took his leave and he led me out from one of the exits. I walked towards the main building, and by the time I reached, my friend waiting with all the patience in the world, knew exactly what happened just with the toothpaste smile I was glowing with. He reminded me I had exactly 35 minutes to catch ICE from once of the farthest platforms. And then we bolted towards the nearest station to get a train to main station (Not realizing I was still in formal heel shoes).

He got down one station before and I reached main station with time ticking from my hand like sand. As the station is such a park for me, I took 2 more minutes to realize where to start sprinting towards. On the way, took off my shoes, hold them in my hand and ran. Not caring for the fact that people must be thinking I’m crazy with no shoes (It’s not common here, but in India it would be fine I guess). Just managed to enter the train and doors locked.

It was not a long journey to Frankfurt, and I thought things were finally in place. Until, 20 minutes later the train stopped and announcement was made. Apparently, some man didn’t find any other day to stand in middle of tracks. Train delayed by 25 minutes. And the transit I had to get next train was 27 minutes. Reaching Frankfurt and running 4 platforms away in 2minutes is something I couldn’t make, and the train that was to take me to Leipzig, just left in front of me and doors didn’t open.

I just knew that getting the last train from Leipzig was impossible now, since this one would barely make me reach on time to get train to Chemnitz. I went to information desk, explained the situation. They gave me free ticket to Frankfurt main station and also, ICE ticket to Leipzig along with, a form that I could use the taxi from Leipzig to Chemnitz and they would pay for it.

Now, from my background of growing up in India, taking a taxi at 12 in night, is not an option. Anyhow, took a train to main station. Waited there for 15 minutes, but even this train had to be late. So it arrived after 45 minutes and I finally sat down. This train was now going to reach at three quarters past 12. I was just preparing myself to stay at Leipzig station for the night and take first train to Chemnitz.


I got down from train at Leipzig and saw 1 other person getting off. Yes, there were just 2 people in entire train. Awesome! My phone rang, and my best friend asked me to come outside station, I thought I misunderstood. I wasn’t at Chemnitz. He told just come out. I go out, just to find that Sunil and my best friend drove all the way from Chemnitz, only to pick me up in his BMW, which I couldn’t appreciate more, because at the speed we reached back, was way better than any ICE in the world. I was informed that he got a blitz on the way (speeding ticket) just because they didn’t want to be late for me. – I cannot express my gratitude enough to these 2 people and my friend who came to Stuttgart, for all their support and love.

I cannot thank all the God’s together for all the blessings of that one day. They dropped me to my room and I entered my room at 2:15 am.

After 21 hours of this amazing journey, I could finally feel the air around me.

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