An unforeseen interview…

“Life surprises you when you least expect it…”

surpriseI took some days to make my mind placid again. But something was worrying me – the thought of literally staying all alone, with no family, no friends, and most of all not knowing anyone in a city like Stuttgart. Although, my contract was still on the way, posterior part of my mind was planning by this time.

Almost a week after I was back, I received another email. This one was not from a company that I had applied for. But they had invited me for an interview and talk to discuss the possibilities for an internship and thesis, that very week. The mail summed up saying, it was based on a recommendation from my departments head.

———————————————Before I started applying—————————————-

I was having a talk with the head of my department, just to get a clear picture of what is expected of us during internship. The possibilities and how to go about certain things. He suggested me to do it with university. But seeing my dropping bank balance, I confided in him and told him my need for doing an internship in a company.

He asked me to send my application along with marks pdf till present. And so I did.

I did try to follow up for the next two months, but alas, no reply. Hence, I left that and continued with my efforts.

——————————————After the interview at Stuttgart———————————-

So I prepared as before and reached the appointed place at the called time. The interview, yet again was for longer than expected and I left with a positive note. They were not only ready to give the internship for 6 months but also thesis.

By this time, I had sent signature with the contract to Stuttgart and received their affirmative reply as well.

And within next week, I had got letter for the company at Chemnitz. As much as I wanted to stay there with my friends, I had taken a conflicting decision. How was I to just go and live in a new city? A city like Stuttgart? With no contact and no one to look forward to.

I must admit, my head was a little disappointed and I had to give an elongated explanation as to why I made that choice. But I had to. My best friend had told me just one thing when I was in this dilemma – You have to be strong and make a decision which is for your future, we all will join you there shortly. Don’t worry.

And so I did.

This semester was coming to an end. Exam dates were released and as usual, all the calls and e-mails for notes had begun amongst all of us.

I was supposed to make decision about which subjects to write this semester, and then it happened. Another letter. This letter made me skip an exam for the first time in my life. And I started preparing for something totally different all together!

I always believe, God indeed has a bigger plan. We are just too small to see that in the present.

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