Embark on an epic journey – Formula Student Germany 2104!

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Well, there is always something that you watch on TV, hear about it and wish you could just see it once. With the same hope in my heart, I had applied for Formula Student Germany 2014 (FSG 2014) months ago. And patience, had finally paid off. I received  my acceptance letter from them and they had gladly invited me for 7 days of amazing adventure! Needless to say, I was deliriously happy! But yet again, the dates that I was supposed to be at Hockenheim ring, I had an exam during that time.

And until then, I was supposed to be working with the IT team from home. It was amazing. We had weekly meetings and video discussions on the work that was supposed to be done. I used to wait for the evenings when we had that conference with IT team. But then, along with work at university, exam preparation and this, my plate was full for weeks. And I had to drop one of it just so that I could sail through. Well, I mailed the respective person of FSG and requested to change my team to Event Support. He joyfully accepted it and then I received my letter for being a part of Event Support (Red shirts!).

I decided to drop my exam (that one subject) and go for this. Sometimes you have to give up something to get something better. I finished some exams, rest after coming back and packed my bags and left 3 days before they had asked to report.

I planned of visiting Heidelberg, and visiting my friend and surprise him. Heidelberg was absolute delight and I shall leave the description of that for another portion of my journey, for my words cannot justify the beauty of that place at the moment.

On 27th July 2014, I reached Schwetzingen. A beautiful little town, 20kms away from Heidelberg. After walking and following the maps on my phone, I reached the place where the meeting was organized. This was welcome dinner (getting-to-know-each-other-dinner).

Now, I do not deny that I can socialize with ease but, this was 200 people whom I have never met before and all came from various parts of Germany, Spain, USA, Egypt, and the scared yet excited girl from India. So as much as I loved the fact of being the one representing my country, I was starting to have cold feet.

Evening began wonderfully, people were really welcoming and thus began the introductions and familiarizing process. Beers, ambiance and good weather is all you need to begin something so cool. There was presentation, individual introductions, and a summary of how things were going to run from next morning onwards.

Looking forward to the dawn of next morning, I reached the hotel where rooms were booked for us with a new acquaintance of mine. The rooms were beautiful and each room had a bath tub. I didn’t know the value of it until next night, when it would be the only thing that could take away all the body pain of each day’s 17 hours of hard work.

And so I prepared myself to sleep and was so looking forward to begin my next seven days at 5 in the morning.

Let the journey begin.

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