Ready, Set, Go!

“Work hard, have fun, make a difference”

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I didn’t feel the need to snooze my alarm even once next morning at 5. All ready to go, I reached the breakfast hall by 6am sharp. Well, that feeling when you walk into a room and you know no one. If that’s not enough, then trying to search for appropriate breakfast for yourself amongst a large buffet laid out in front of you, makes it even more weird.

What caught my sight and made me super happy was a fine coffee machine. Now being a student, living in dorms, 99% of us don’t have the luxury of having morning coffee from a machine. Hence, its awesome! Period.

I managed to find scrabble eggs and a piece of bread (No, I didn’t notice the toaster which was kept next to the pile of variety of breads) along with a piece of watermelon. Awkwardly sitting there, alone, finished my breakfast in 15 minutes and went downstairs. Waited for someone to come and then leave in the first car that was leaving for Hockenheim Ring.

I must admit, it wasn’t that difficult to find a ride, since everyone was more than willing to help each other. And off I went in one of the cars. I could feel the excitement mounting as we passed by hoardings of FSG 2014 on the way and finally saw the entrance gate. Its a splendid feeling to walk through places where “Staff Only” is put up. This was my first time, so everything was beautiful in it’s own little ways.

Things began, with a meeting. This was every morning routine and it is simply amazing, how even the tiniest details are taken of here in Germany. Be it tasks like hoardings, posters and fences to be put up to things like water bottles be refilled in the refrigerator to emptying the dustbins periodically. Every single detail is taken care of. I was stumped with the amount of pre-planning that had already gone into the whole event. And this was just 1 hour into the first day at the ring.

First day, everyone is a part of all teams together. This is the day where all the materials arrive. Basically an entire office is set up for next one week and things begin with a swing. For me, happiest moment on Monday was when the FSG Team 2014 poster was put up, and I managed to find tiny me amongst the team.

Inside details cannot be mentioned due to confidentiality of the event, but I can tell you that by 9:30 pm on Monday evening, there was a transformation from empty room/space to ‘Let’s welcome 115 teams from all over the world’. We were handed over the Red T-Shirts, the softshell jackets to all those who ordered for it and most importantly, id card which read – “Official” , Charu Pathni, Event Support. A cherry on the wonderful day I already had.

By now, I knew almost all people from the team (not the names though) and they were most welcoming. It was delight and I was looking forward to the coming days even more.



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