The sudden YouTube interview…

“Some of the best things in life happen when you least expect them”


This was the first time I truly felt, maybe I have indeed made my parents proud, once. Although like every parent, they have told me that many times before, I never had it felt myself.

As much as I had started feeling the pain sink in, I was all the more ready for it the next morning. FSG 2014 for me was like a long lost passion that I found, and I was not going to let any part of my body pain intrude. The teams had all reached the ring, and huge trucks, no sorry massive trucks started coming in, and their complete garage, cars and everything that was needed or might be needed for the cars and the teams had arrived.

The sponsor’s had set up their huge stalls and things were on a roll. That one week, I had tried and done almost all the things that I wouldn’t have a chance to do otherwise. Be it trying to paint huge pipes, or stands, put up boards on fences, learn to drive electric vehicles that are used to carry heavy goods from one place to another in area, used chop-saw to cut pipes with absolute precision and if I was at home, I wouldn’t probably be not allowed to even go near that, ride electric scooters to reach ends of ring if we have to give something, and I am truly truly thankful to each member of Event Support to have supported me and taught me so many things.

I had started to get some nick names from all other volunteers by now, be it ‘sunshine’ or ‘mehr arbeit’ which means ‘more work’ in German, because I just couldn’t be without any work. It was a delight to hear so much of German, learn new things each day and I started feeling like a part of a huge family.

By the end of 4th day, I had just returned from the dynamic area. It was really long 9 hours in the sun and all I needed was food, when I was called to the media center (where the media team was working) and I was told to get ready for a very short interview for FSG TV!

I was thrilled by the prospect for the reason that I would represent Red shirts and being one of the fresh ones in the lot, they just wanted to know what I was experiencing and so on. I know it was barely for a very short time but I was simply elated! The video is as follows:

This marked the end of 96 wonderful hours and start of 72 amazing hours which were just round the corner…

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