Everyones most precious – Mothers…Top 10 mother’s dialogues of all time!

“Moms are like buttons, they hold everything together”

This is a dedication blog post to all the mothers of the world…

Mother, mumma, ma, mom, mommy, amma – no matter what we refer her as, she is our most precious gift forever and ever…

I don’t think that any number of words can justify what we feel for our mothers, but a small attempt to make you relate. So here goes:

The first memory most of us of our mothers is as follows: go to her and ask for anything, especially if the decision has to finally be approved by papa. That’s what I remember. I used to come back from school and the warm welcome, almost waiting and knows exactly when to open the door. I never cared to remove my bag, take off my shoes, just start ranting about every tiny detail of school to her. Be it teacher scolded or friend didn’t share some crayons with me or falling down while playing. And her everyday response – “Keep your bag at least, change your uniform and you tell me everything while having your favorite dish”. That made me run and quickly change, come back and continue with the endless stories.

Now up to minimum 5th grade, almost all mothers check your diary, homework, teach you and only then allow you to go out for playing (because all pre-2000 kids had a life, without gadgets and we loved playing out on streets). Her constant reminder of how much I have to do and plan everything until next exams. Well, honestly, cannot imagine sailing without her.

Then we start growing into teens and finally a stage comes when either your mom has “The talk” with you, or just mutual understanding that you will learn with time. For girls, there is always The talk which was a little weird then, but now I thank her each day for that. Although we start keeping secrets from her in our teens, well, accept it – there are no secrets from mom. No matter she reveals them to you or not or vice-versa.

Times come when we start having our birthday party’s which are past 7. The first time you ever have to take permission for that is like planning for a mission. Step 1 – Approach mumma. Step 2 – Convince her. Step 3 – Ask her to ask dad. Goal reached. But, it does not always go as per plan does it? You successfully reach Step 2 and then she says – “I have no problem, it’s papa’s decision.”

Until age 17 I didn’t realize that no matter how many times she tells me this, it is 50% her decision as well. Well, mum’s know how to take you by heart and feelings with their sweet and candy-like nature.

Then comes college, where for every child, parent is the enemy (when they don’t permit you for things like trips or party’s or related things). But I cannot even think, how would it be if it wasn’t for mother’s forever support through every small or so called big issues of our life then. Slowly, the same relationship turns into a friendship.

Finally when you leave home, for studies or job purpose, that’s when it really strikes you – what your mother really means to you. Be it feeling lonely far from home, to quick recipes to save money, be it discussing study/work problems, be it friendship problems or even personal issues – for each and everything there is and always be a solution. This kind of bond remains forever henceforth and keeps getting better and better, just like fine wine!

There are few dialogues that every mom would have told you not just once, but many times:

  1. Why? Because I said so, that’s why.
  2. If everyone jumps off a cliff, would you too?
  3. Wait until your father gets home.
  4. I don’t know is not an answer.
  5. Your hands are not broken, get it yourself.
  6. It hurts me more than it hurts you.
  7. You will understand this when you have a child.
  8. Just work hard now, you can have all the fun in future.
  9. I never did this when I was your age.
  10. I have never spoken like that to my mother.

These are just some of the global mom dialogues. They may vary due to different languages but by the end of the day we know what our moms mean, don’t we?

No matter how much we fight, argue, get angry, these beautiful angels of God are our most precious gifts of life. Let’s show them that we care in the little ways we can, because love is all that’s needed to make mom’s happy. And I don’t want anyone to regret before it’s too late.

This video is an absolute spot on example of all mothers in the world – They know us more than we know ourselves:

P.S. Happy Birthday Mumma! I love you and miss you so much…Can’t wait to see you again.

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