The final heat – FSG 2014!

“Best things are worth waiting for!”

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Not coming as a surprise, but as exciting as it was, there is always a panoramic pictures taken in the middle of FSG week. It is just electrifying to see all the team cars along with members and FSG’s complete team all together on the Hockenheim ring. The flags flying high signify worldwide integration in its truest forms.

All the hard work by the teams all through the year are for 4 main events – Skidpad, Acceleration, Auto-cross and the finale with Endurance in which the ability of the car and the driver is tested in a run of 22kms! Visitors are seen in grand numbers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The efforts of each team clearing and trying to win is highly motivational. And the sounds of all cars gives you amazing thrill!

Each member Red Shirt is given training session of fire emergency and how to go about handling the possible situations. So that was another thing that was added to my experience of first-time things. Well, as much as the blinding sun wanted all of us to be in shade, it invited me equally when we were asked who would like to be a part of track marshaling.

I had only seen this on TV and wanted to wear a big hat, have a notepad in my hand, sunscreen on face and ready to be one of them, noting down penalties of teams which is based on several criteria. It started with volunteering for being a track marshal for skid-pad. It takes around 6 hours (10-4 or 5) for the event and that marked the beginning.

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After this experience, I didn’t mind dropping the color of my skin by 3 more shades, but I all wanted to do was be in middle of the tracks, surrounded by these beautiful marvels made by brilliant students and enjoying each moment.

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Sunday evening, the final award ceremony was celebrated in its full glory. It was followed by none other than the “MAHLE” party! It is indeed thee most crazy after party of an event I have attended. With over 5000 people under the same roof, and the happiness of completing yet another year of a global event, it is needless to explain what one can expect there.

This was not only one of the most fun things I’ve experienced in life, but it was the most knowledge attaining events I had ever been a part of.

4 words to end it – “Love you FSG family”.

P.S. Awesome videos of FSG tv can be found as follows:

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