Quintessential city – Heidelberg!

“It is old and it is extremely picturesque.”


River Neckar with the majestic castle

After the visit to Prague, I didn’t know I could be stumped, yet once again. It was in a city called “Heidelberg”. Why was I there? Well one of my dearest best friend lives there. He is pursuing his studies in one of the Heidelberg Universities. Hence, the visit.

srhThe SRH University in its true glory

There was something in the air of Heidelberg that gave me the first impression about the place. The smell of flowing river. Sounds funny? Well, do you remember the smell of grass and mud right after it has rained? It’s similar, but difference is, you don’t have to wait for rain for that here. Overwhelmed and super-excited as I was to meet my friend, we decided to not waste too much time and get on to seeing some extra-ordinarily beautiful places and talk for hours. The first place was to sit and talk on the banks of river Neckar. Some dumplings, couple of beer bottles and meeting an old friend after ages are some of the best things in life.

The view was amazing, ducks were just playing around, people just relaxing and children trying to play with the ducks. Then comes along a barge. Well I had never seen it before, so by the time I saw it approaching and then pass by, well lets just say it took more than 300 seconds. After sometime, his friends joined us and I met  them, that day for first time (whom I still meet on a pretty regular basis). Friendships are so nice and funny sometimes. You never know when things click and your friends for the rest of the time.

Next day, we went to the Heidelberg castle. Honestly, the most beautiful thing that I saw were the barrels of wine that were used to store wine. I was awestruck to know that it could hold 221,726 litres of wine at a time!!! It is like, why don’t I just get one at home and stop worrying about buying wine forever!

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The massive wine barrel and the grand view of the castle

As much as I hated leaving the wine barrel, we had to go to Königstuhl or ‘Kings seat’ in english is 1860 feet hill. It is significantly known for its absolutely stunning view of Heidelberg city and also upto a range of 40-45kms from there.


The view of Heidelberg from Königstuhl

All you can see around is people just sitting and relaxing with beers or wine and what I witnessed on that particular day was some people originating their para gliding from the very spot that you can see in picture. It was just so thrilling! If I had some more money or the day I will, I would want to try it from that very spot!

We ended our day by visiting the oldest church of the city – Church of Holy Spirit. It took over 150 years to build it and it is since 14th century! Every church, every temple, every religious place has got its own specialty. After quite a while, feeling extremely happy and eyes filled with tears, we left the church.

These were some of the most known and first few things I saw in Heidelberg. But that’s not all. I keep visiting the place once every two months and the city never fails to astonish me.


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