A glimpse into marvels of Škoda…

“Škoda. Simply Clever

Yet another opportunity that came my way to get an insight on the exemplary example of automobile – Škoda.

This was 2 days before an exam and 3 days after my wonderful experience of FSG. And not an inch of my body shiver on the fact that I would be losing one more day before my exam, for none other than the guided tour into the world of Škoda, and not just any plant and museum, the oldest and largest production plant in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic.

It was another brilliant one-day trip organized by career service of our university and not to my surprise,

I was reminded of my registration via an email by them. Although, it was clearly mentioned, that please register only if you have completed your German level B2, I took my chance. With the tiny bits of German knowledge that I had, I picked up my passport, packed my bag and reached the meeting point.

My second trip to Czech Republic. The only similarity between both my visits was the true wonders I was to witness. Off we went at the precise time (German culture after all) and reached Mladá Boleslav.This place is about 50 km away from Prague. We began the day with the visit to Škoda museum which is about 10 minutes away from the production plant.

The museum was mesmerizing since it ad all the models of Škoda since 1905 which included even a bicycle. The entire guided tour was in German and to my own surprise, I followed more than 60% of it. Quite an achievement for me at the time. Each car had its own beauty and that had its own story. The tour was wonderful but the better part of the day was yet to come.

Then we were taken in the bus to one of the 6 canteens of the production plant. This plant, is only possible to be covered in a day if you plan to run and not stop to see. It stretches over km of area and it is also the headquarters of Škoda. The canteen was impressive! There was all the variety one could ask for at lunch or any meal of the day. The meal was paid by the company and we enjoyed our sumptuous meal.

After which began our real tour of the plant. Beginning from metal sheets transforming into car models was a treat to eyes! Assembly lines were brilliant! And not only at every moment was I comparing this experience to the BMW plant, but I was also confused and stunned by the marvels of engineering! Sudden realization of how powerful human brain was because as it is always told –

“Machine is important, but man behind machine is more important” – my father has always told me this…

I was a little familiar with this process but what came after that knocked my socks off. It was the manufacturing plant of engines that is not only used for cars of Škoda but also of Volkswagen. I witnessed each cylinder, each tiny part that made their engine one of the finest in world being built, assembled and along with explanation for each. It was just stupendous!

From one part of plant to another, we were taken in bus. Also, at one point of time we noticed railway tracks. When questioned, we were informed that these are built within the area of plant to transport cars (incomplete) from one part to another. This plant is clearly not just a plant for Škoda but it is indeed much more.

We were then taken to the university where Škoda employees and future employees are trained. After a presentation on  career opportunities with their company, we were offered some really delicious snacks and we walked out of that building with a bag full of Škoda goodies.


On the way back, all I was thinking about in the bus was where would I be and would I ever experience all this if I hadn’t chosen to come to Germany in the first place?

Life works in funny ways and we get the humor only when it decides to share it with us.

8 thoughts on “A glimpse into marvels of Škoda…

  1. Vinayak Pattanshetty says:

    Well, I can say that you are truly a leap ahead. I came to Germany precisely 19 months ago. Experienced many of these and the trips too. But I couldnt document it. My blog is stil under construction since 2009. You can say that I was less motivated but I am still interested. The sole thought of who will be the visitors of my blog made me think many times. But reading your blog made me realize few things. These are memories with tiny details which fade away, blogs help to stay touch with it. You are the best visitor of your own blog.

    I will take away the motivation from you and try and recall the memories to give birth to my blog. You writing is amazing. Could feel the way you felt as I have experienced them too..

    All the best to a new career.!

    Liked by 1 person

    • charupathni says:

      Hello Vinayak,
      I have the same thoughts till date. Regarding the visitors on my blog – will I be the only one reading what I write and so on.
      But firstly, it was for the purpose of expression, help and motivation.
      Hence, slowly (really slowly though) it is all taking a form.
      I am looking forward to read your experiences 🙂
      All the best.


  2. Chandan Sinha says:

    Well for the complete virtual visit, you would’ve to provide me with the whole panoramic view of each and every section. To quench my thirst to witness Engineering marvels, I want to feel the real science behind them, to see our theory taking shape of working wonders- well these things I’ve kept on my bucket list 🙂 For the photographs- have you taken them all?


    • charupathni says:

      I am sorry but as much as I wanted to take some amazing photographs inside, it was forbidden. These pictures are from some of them who work for the plant, whom I requested and some from internet. But only the ones that belong to the plant I visited. 🙂 also, do keep them in your list – I am sure you will tick them off sometime soon!


      • Chandan Sinha says:

        You need to be sorry at all because atleast I could catch some glimpses of what goes behind automobile perfections illustrated through these wonderful words. In fact I’m really sorry at the moment to reply you so late, actually my mid-sem exams are going on (hope you understand!). In one of the photos, you’re standing beside one of the cars- so its pretty clear that you did clicked some photos 🙂 Thanks a lot Charu for such beautiful wish, yes I aspire and put my effort everyday so that I would be able to work for these engineering marvels. And I heartily wish that you keep gaining these magnificent experiences in your life & give your valuable contribution in the field you’re working in 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Chandan Sinha says:

    The way you described every nuances of your visit, I could very clearly feel the your exhilarating experience there. In the automobile sector, Germany truly holds preeminence for their excellency. Thanks for taking me atleast on the virtual tour through your photos (they’re amazing!) and I’m glad that you got the chance to entertain your fascination 🙂


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