Stuttgart – New city. Surprises await…

“Change brings opportunity!”

3Or so they say. Moving out of Chemnitz was something I was desperately waiting for but as the day came closer to bid farewell, I was caught in the memories of time. Some beautiful time that I had there, that created marvelous memories made it so much more hard for me.

I reached Stuttgart 3 days before my joining date. Stuttgart being one of the sister cities of Mumbai, clearly proved itself when all I could manage was to find an accommodation for 30 days after searching for over 2 months.  This was a hostel room in a town just outside Stuttgart called Ludwigsburg. As the stop came closer in train, made me wonder and question myself – on the choice I had made. The place was no where close to lively compared to hostel at Chemnitz. I met the girl who was giving me her room for a month and she left after handing over the keys.

I entered the place, as creaky as the doors and lift could get, it didn’t help my confidence or mood in anyway. The room had a bed, table and a cupboard. Seems reasonable you may think, me being a student that’s all I need apparently. Well, I started searching for the kitchen and found myself sweating since it was in some part of basement which I had to search with torch in phone. Why is this place so haunted??? That’s the only thought that repeated in a loop in my head.

Came back to room and sat on bed. That was it. Upon all the thoughts of missing home, my friends back in Chemnitz, I was stuck in an absolutely new city (which seemed super nice in words and pictures) and no one to even talk to (since I knew NO one whom so ever). That evening, I couldn’t stop my tears no matter how hard I tried. The feeling of loneliness was dawning upon me as the minutes passed and finally I heard my stomach rumble.

Punishing my eyes or stomach was no way to face what I had to face ahead. Having no courage to re-visit the kitchen, I decided to order food online for the night and come up with a better solution the next day.

Little did I know that I was indeed blessed. Very next day my friends reached Stuttgart and they decided to celebrate beginning of my internship by visiting Europa-Park – the largest amusement park in Germany and second largest in Europe.

7Sometimes all you need to do is pray with all your heart and sleep with the hope of blessing, and you shall see the miracles of life.

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