Electrifying exploit – EUROPA PARK!

ep25One of the most thrilling day of my life – the day I visited “Europa Park”!

It is the largest amusement park in Germany and also, second largest in Europe following the Disneyland at Paris! With my not so thrilling start at Stuttgart, my friends made my beginning a really memorable one.

We were at the train station by 4am and as we learned that we have a special combi-ticket for the entrance and travel, well, that just boosted our spirits even more (who doesn’t like saving some money to spend it on extra french fries, right?). And off we went…We had to change 2 trains and then take a bus, which dropped us right outside the park. We could see the park from at least a km away and it got bigger as we reached nearer (physics-commonsense-just used to explain the feeling). Anyways, massive as it was, we realized its impossible to cover in a day and as much as the hotel/resort of the park was inviting, exhibit A –

ep14we had to  finish all roller coaster rides before closing time and leave. Thanks to student budget plans that are just enough to travel and eat food. We do not even think of staying somewhere overnight if we have to pay. (Grrr.. just waiting to start earning!)

Trying to decipher where we were on the map, rather which country we were on (since it has 13 countries theme lands within), it took us 23 minutes to reach our first ride for the day – Mercedes Silver Star roller coaster.

A new concept that I learnt that day was the digital display outside every ride which displayed exact waiting time of each ride and not a single ride waiting time was found to be less than 45 minutes that day. We stood in the queue and as we saw each ride after every few seconds, our patience was draining out fast. As we proceed the queue splits into two – the ones who want to sit right in front and other everywhere after first row. So as much as we wanted to sit for the ride, we decided to take the first row queue. Another half an hour extra wait and stomach rumbling with excitement, we took our seats and off it went. As slowly as it could, it inclined upwards and there was a point where we didn’t see anything except the clear blue sky and sunlight hitting the eyes and then there was – 80 degrees downwards and next 3 minutes of don’t know what’s going on. Up-down-rotate-side-and some angles that I am at loss to explain. Smiling to glory and every part of body still in the spin, we came out of our first ride.

That was it. We continued the waiting-rides-waiting-rides 7 hours straight into the day. The rides were not just a fun experience but the work gone into each ride is impeccable! Some of the photos which are collected can be seen as follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the time we covered all the roller coasters we WANTED to ride in at any cost was completed, we were bushed! All we needed was food!

Having a lot of varieties of food based on countries that were roaming in, made it so much fun to have Greek salad, Italian pizza and French baguettes as options! These are just the names I remember, but there were dozens more.

After all this, we got an hour and a half to roam about and see the beauty of the park. These parts were designed exclusively for children but oh my God, they were beautiful. Not just the detailing, but the whole experience makes you feel you’re in a different world all together.

If you want to forget all your worries and take a break, definitely visit Europa Park and have an indelible story for life!

You could have a look at their website: Europa Park – Theme Park!

That day didn’t leave me exhausted, instead with a captivating start for my next phase – Internship.

4 thoughts on “Electrifying exploit – EUROPA PARK!

  1. DAD says:

    I am still thinking how you enjoyed those huge roller coaster rides. Really great younginstan kids…… hats off to all who ride that……..Enjoy the life how much you can in better way.


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