Stepping into professional world…

“Success is the ability to move from one failure to the next with enthusiasm”

Let's begin the learning....

Let’s begin the learning….

It was the first day and like every other first day (at school, high school, college, leaving for germany, at university), this day too was extremely exciting for me. Ready at 6:50 am, I didn’t have much to do. I packed my lunch, did my prayers and one thing was most important that was still pending – calling up mumma & papa. I did that, and after getting all their wishes and blessings, I left for office by taking the appropriate trains and changes.

I was asked to report by 9, nonetheless, keeping sometime in hand, I reached office half an hour early. While I was waiting in a beautiful room, some more people joined one after another. By 9am, there were 20 of us. The HR representative walked in and asked us to follow.

Before I continue, you must know this was my first time ever – working/being a part of an organization. So everything that happened was absolutely fascinating for me.

So we were taken to get our photos clicked for the ID card and then we were taken to a conference room for the formal introduction. After 2 and half hours of German which kind-of went flying above my head, and signing some sheets (which I think were based on some rules and usage of internet and some more things like that).

All that I could curse myself was for not being able to do more levels of German before coming here. But I didn’t have the time to, or opportunity to. (kicking myself in head even to this day).

We were split based on different departments and we started following the concerned person to various buildings.

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I was dropped at a room where I met my first colleague (he turned out to be my adviser and a friend as time progressed). This room was brightened by the direct sunlight and 4 tables. To understand the intranet, site plan and many other things at Vector, my day made its way to lunch. Lucky for me, even my colleague gets his lunch from home, so that was my first lunch and a lot of interaction. This not only helped me to work, but to feel really comfortable in my new environment.

We get bottled water, 7 kinds of tea, incredible coffee from the machines, orange juice, apple juice and cola at office which we do NOT have to pay for. Such things got me so ecstatic on my first day (still does in fact, I won’t lie).

My mentor was on holiday for 2 days including that day and I was explained about my first task after lunch – since I couldn’t wait to get started!

Using a German layout keyboard, interface and discovering the fact that I was the only Indian at that time at Stuttgart office, gave me a complete new thrill.

All those preconceived notions about offices (which I have been hearing all this while from everyone) was completely ruled out of my head and hence began a new chapter of my life!


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