The newly found solitude…

“What does not kill you, makes you stronger!”

Solitude at it's best...

Solitude at it’s best…

I had just started getting into routine of work-life. Going in the morning, back by evening, cooking, talking to parents and sleeping early. Well sounds boring. I agree.

But what was not boring was, my life at work. It was going great and the amount of learning was unimaginable. It made me so much more happier and built my confidence bit-by-bit. Although the thought of returning to that pathetic room, drained all the energy out of me.I didn’t have a single person to talk to you (who was in Stuttgart) and I was just trying to fill the void of being around a person with phone calls and skype. Work place needs time, until you get to know people and start meeting them outside office hours. This phase was not just tough for me, but it started bottling within me. 12 days later, I had a skype chat with my brother and he asked me to express everything I was feeling.  I did. And after 27 minutes of complaining and half a mug of tears, he spoke. And in matter of next few minutes, he turned the way I looked at my situation into something beautiful all together.


Be strong!

I decided to ponder over his wise words and give a new start to me living alone.

Next day during lunch, my colleague told me about a trip that is organized by the company every year and this time they were taking everyone to – “AREA 47, Austria”!!!

I was as clueless as many of you right now, because I had never heard of that place and all I knew was Austria is country, Germany shares its border with. However, before getting all ecstatic about the place we were going to visit, I was elated by the fact that I would be traveling to another country, from an already foreign land (sounds kiddish, but circumstances had turned around and I was super happy).

So I registered and started my research on AREA 47.

Area-47 at a glance!

I hardly doubt I can explain or describe my feeling at that moment when the first photo I saw online was the one above and just a thought that I might actually go there, paid expenses, get to meet people and have a break for 2 full days in another country…well…I was stumped!

Waiting for 7 days to pass faster, and appreciating every tiny detail of my life that day, I entered my room that already had a different aura! Thanks to positivity/vibes/confidence/perspective and everything else that my brother helped me introduce to my newly found solitude…

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