Glimpse of stupendous journey to Area47 – Day 2!

“The world of achievement  has always belonged to the optimist!”



It was the second day of the trip and breakfast was ready at 6. We had breakfast and cyclists gathered their bicycles and people who had opted to walk, were taken in the bus. I had signed up for walking. With a glass of juice and slice of apple, I thought I was ready for the day ahead. Didn’t know what I had signed up for at that moment but the time they dropped us at the foot of one of the mountains of Tirol, with an approximate height of whooping 13,000 feet! I had no idea till where we had to climb/trek. And thus began, my first trek ever.There were a lot of colleagues who chose to trek, and by now I had learnt that German’s love the nature and age no bar, they all love such activities. Following them, I made my way till about 2000 feet at ease. Couldn’t see where we had to reach, or how much more longer it would take, me and my 200ml of water didn’t know if I could do this. My stomach had already started rumbling and sweat had taken over my clothes. I did see some colleagues take a detour and choose the cable car to reach the top. I could have done that, but some really nice people motivated me to continue and see the view from top after I have climbed it myself.

Choosing that option seemed really wise, until I completed 2000 odd more feet. The view was just spectacular and kept getting better.

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At one point of time, I didn’t want to think about the condition of my feet at all. My shoes were starting to give up (I wasn’t prepared for a trek, at all!), I just needed water, and not to walk for a few hours. That should have done the trick.

But I couldn’t stop for more than 2 minutes, else I would have been lost amongst the trees and trails (or so I thought). Moving ahead, we reach exactly half way to the spot we were supposed to reach. I could finally see some routes coming in sight but no sign of the spot. Followed by 2 more hours of trek, we finally reached a place where I could see the place where we should have been an hour ago. It seemed right there, but my body had given up. Last 200 meters of climb was no way possible and finding no other trace of transport except own feet, I had no choice but to continue.

This was by far my hardest 25 minutes of that day and experience of my life. Every step was pushing my limit as the minutes passed. I just needed some source of energy and I had nothing in my bag. Looking up, seeing my colleagues cheer and giving the push that was just needed for the last few meters, I finally reached the place that was supposed to be reached.

The exhaustion, pain, hunger, thirst all vanished into thin air when I looked up to the view in front of me.

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My limits and potential was never pushed this far ever before. This may be a normal thing for most people here and around the world, but for me it was the realization of unlimited possibilities that I found within myself.

I wanted to give up so many times during the trek, but if I would have, the feeling would have not been the same. Followed by an amazing lunch at the place, we had 2 hours before reporting back down at the bus. We could walk down a different route or take the cable car. I decided to take the cable car, but upwards. The anxiety of seeing the view right from the peak encouraged me to go there.

A nice colleague decided to accompany me, and we went all the way to the peak. I have always been afraid of heights but this blew my fear into thin air. Absolutely stunning view when I reached, and no words can bring justice!!! (Have a look yourself)

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The power of nature is that it makes you understand such essential things of life, which no matter how many times told before has no impact.

Realizing that everything, problems, people and I are such a minute part of this world and along with that comes all the problems. Our problems are resized in our own minds as per our thoughts, whereas they shouldn’t be given the space that we actually do. Believing things will be fine with time, and facing them positively does not solve the problem, but gives the confidence to.

Having one of the most peaceful minutes after a long time, I took the cable car and reached the same place we had climbed to. Having one more hour in hand I decided to take a nap under the best natural blankets of nature – the sky. With sun shining bright and clear sky, I took a wonderful nap for next 45 minutes. I cannot describe the feeling to waking up to such a majestic view, not having a single worry of line on forehead.

After which taking the cable car down and reaching the buses, I had a beautiful ride back to Stuttgart. With all the memories, and fears that had dissipated into the air, I was ready to look at my present situation in Stuttgart with a complete fresh outlook and turn the page.

Last view of Autria from bus...

Last view of Autria from bus…

It was time for a new chapter after all…


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