Christmas in Germany – Part 1

“Because best things happen when you least expect them…”


After a not so great first Christmas, it was December again, and the second Christmas in Germany was right around the corner. While there was reflection of festive season all around, well I had to wait for my turn. I had an exam before that. Along with work, reaching back home and studying, cooking and once in a while going out to explore, December began in its sweet ways.

I had booked my tickets for Chemnitz way in advance (because when it comes to going back to my first home in Germany, I do not want to take chances). Having applied for holidays not just for exam but making use of basic mathematics, I planned my December holidays in October. Working extra hours didn’t seem so bad now when I saw a platter of holidays opportunity right in front.

This was new for me. Work and study but overall a great experience. I hadn’t attended a single lecture of this subject (since I wasn’t even there at University) plus to add-on, this subject was taught in Deutsch (German) to add-on my horror. With the help of some really good team mates and friends, I was able to prepare for the exam.

Meanwhile, Christmas markets had been set up all over Germany. From small stalls to huge markets, it was an absolute delight to eyes. The decorations on each stall, the detailing with which every object was kept, just knocked my socks off! It was beautiful.

My first Christmas market visit was in Stuttgart. Here, there are 3 major markets that are set up each year and I got a chance to visit the one in heart of the city. The varieties of Lebkuchen (gingerbread), delicious flavors of Sauerkraut mit Bratwurst (cabbage-kinda-salad with hotdogs) in air and the aroma of theeee Glüwein (hot wine boiled with special spices), which is my absolute favorite, made all my worries of the upcoming exam vanish into the air.

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I got to see the beautiful wooden carved elements, the colorful and cutest looking toys and all sorts of most traditional things from German culture, all at one place. The feeling of just being there infuses you with homesickness and no-worries-about-being-away-from-home at the same time (for people like me who stay away from home =) )

Even though I couldn’t buy much, I did get myself the most adorable looking Glühwein glass ever.

Anticipating snow each morning, made me wait for the snow even more. Although it had already started snowing in other northern parts of Germany, it wasn’t in the forecast for Stuttgart yet. So I shifted to keeping a check of snow alerts for Chemnitz.

The evening before I was to leave for Chemnitz, I get a call from a colleague/friend of mine and he just asked me to look outside the window. It was spectacular, snowing just the way I had imagined in my head! Streets and everything around covered in a not-so-thin-not-so-thick layer of snow. He asked, “Care for a walk?”, and I packed myself 4 folds and off went for my first snow walk this season.

The walk was simply beautiful, just for the fact that I could not just feel each flake falling on my face, but I could just walk feeling content after such a long time. It had been a few months of loneliness but never had I felt this peaceful in the silence that surrounded me.

Returning back to room after an hour or so, having packed my bags for the 26 days vacation + exam ahead of course, I left for Chemnitz. Having no idea how many blessings Christmas truly had in store for me this year.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in Germany – Part 1

  1. Nirav says:

    It was at weihnachtsmarkt with music and gluhwein at Stadtmitte. Well I first noticed him (say 8-9 yrs old) when he started to cry! donno why. I had an urge to go and ask him. that guy clung his mother. His mother kissed his forehead. Was like some 10 mins he cried and stayed there and then moved on…


  2. Nirav says:

    “The feeling of just being there infuses you with homesickness and no-worries-about-being-away-from-home at the same time”
    Had the same mixed (mildly hurting) feeling Last 25.12 when I saw a mother consolidating her crying son..


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