Christmas in Germany – Part 2

“Exam ends. Direct me to shots.”


It was time. Something that I was waiting for over 2 months. After all, it was the second last exam of (perhaps) my life! Feeling pleased with myself, with 27 days holidays ahead, I left for Chemnitz.

Exam was fine. But more exciting came the Christmas celebrations. Christmas markets or weihnachtsmarkt was everywhere in Germany and I happen to have my next visit to Dresden Christmas market with 2 of my close friends. One of them was none other than my paten buddy, my first German friend and an absolute sweetheart!

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After having some really delicious glühwein with tinch of amaretto (almond liquor) in it, I could feel my hands again and off we went to explore various stands of the market. She explained each and every reason behind the stalls. Where it originates, why is it special and how should it be treated/celebrated. When someone explains you the reason of things happening in your vicinity, it makes it all the more better to enjoy them and truly appreciate them.

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It was wonderful.

Following that, in next few days, I also happen to visit the market of Chemnitz. It is not that big but nevertheless, it is the cutest little decorated market, which does complete justice to the festive season of Christmas.


Few days before Christmas, an idea just popped in my head, and I happen to just remember what a group of new juniors really wanted. They were missing snake and ladders (for all those who are not sure can check the explanation here) and so i decided to see some smiles and packed one. Sent it over with some other junior (and a big thanks to him for that). When they received the gift, the happiness I intended to see on their glowing faces just cannot be explained in words. I was so delighted to have made someone smile. And when they hand-made a thank you greeting card, well, all I can tell is, it was one of the most over-whelming moments after a really long time.


Following the gift, were all sorts of plans for party on Christmas eve. This being their first Christmas in Germany, it became all the more special for all of us. With lots of food, drinks and awesome music, the night was on a roll. By 1 am we found ourselves strolling from one dorm to another, and it couldn’t have been better. It started snowing.  Perfect!

Snow fight, falling, slipping, making snow angels and selfies – it was all covered. Along with all these, one extra thing was also there, the urge to make snowballs, adding some liquor into it and eating it like a gola/chuski or in simple words shave ice. This too happened. And yes, the results of the alcohol manifested. Even though fun is of same level, our perception to it changes.

Night moving on to we going to another friend’s room, only to disturb him as well. This was at around 2 am. We realized that it was too late only when we saw some rays of sun falling into the room. Brilliant as it was, this was one of the best Christmas for me.  The view from the window was mesmerizing and absolutely magical! Snow all around, rays of sun falling perfectly and it was indeed a perfect white Christmas-2014.

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Although it wasn’t discussed my friends and I had bought gifts for each other, so all in all, Christmas was completed. It is wonderful how times flies and how unspoken words turn into matched frequency.

My vacations had just 9 more days remaining and I was getting close to my most awaited trip of the year to Silvester Party in Berlin! I had read all about it and seen videos but to be their live amongst thousands and thousands of people!

Let’s go to Berlin!

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