Going back home after a long, long time…

“There is no place like home indeed…”

The excitement of going back home after 1 year, 5 months, 14 days or 532 days (not like I was counting), is just absolute frenzy.

Starting to think about all the things you’re going to do, or things that you are just waiting to eat, places you want to visit, meet all the people you have been missing oh so much, gives your stomach churns. You can’t wait to get on and off that plane. My first trip back home, wasn’t any different. I had made a little webpage for my countdown till I touch down in Bangalore.

I made this one...

I made this one…

And not before long, my dad created another one too, which was a little more effective.

My dad made this one... (much better than mine of course)

My dad made this one… (much better than mine of course)

It gave me a lot more butterflies and my anxiousness to see my family again was just reaching its threshold. The best part was, this was all a secret plan. Except that my dad was involved to help me knock as many socks as possible back at home.

My internship successfully came to end and I couldn’t wait to go back to Chemnitz and start shopping for everyone possible. When it’s the first time you return home, it’s all new and exciting. What we buy or how much is costs is irrelevant, but the fact that someone takes the time to bring it all together and fly it half way across the globe, itself makes it special.

I made a list of all the people I was going to surprise and meet and against that, I wrote all the things I wanted to buy for each of them. Yes, I was still a student and it wasn’t the best of ideas to spend so much, but at that moment, all you care about is the smile on their faces.

Shopping done. Lists checked. Packing done. Check-in done. I left for Leipzig airport with my best friend, who was also flying back home and 2 other friends who came all the way to Leipzig to see us off. It was simply wonderful. Not wanting to take risk, we reached airport at 10 pm, and we had to board at 6:30 am. Stay at airport chairs for 8 hours, well it’s all acceptable when the thoughts of going home come to mind.

Taking turns to take naps, we spent the night at airport waiting area. Already kind-of tired, we boarded the flight for Frankfurt. Before we knew, we had reached and again, the wait for a direct flight to Bangalore began.

I picked up 5 best beers of Germany, along with traditional Jagermeister from the duty-free shops at Frankfurt for home. I knew my brother would love me for the beers (okay he loves me anyways, but this would escalate his feelings to a whole new level).

Source: http://goo.gl/JzjqJl I mainly bought for this elegant flask :D

Source: http://goo.gl/JzjqJl
I mainly bought for this elegant flask πŸ˜€

5 bottles along with 2 traditional beer glasses, made it perfect! πŸ™‚

All ready to fly, we still had 4 hours in hand before we were in air. Making use of really comfortable nap-chairs (as I like to call them) at Frankfurt airport, we again took turns to take naps and finally the call was made.

As we went towards the queue, seeing all Indians, raised a lot of thoughts in my stupid brain. Suddenly, the feeling of “If I talk in English/Hindi/Kannada they will understand me” came to me. Past 532 days, I could talk in any of these languages and no one would understand me. At least for Hindi and Kannada,Β  but now I had to watch my words.

Trying to bring myself back to normal, hitting myself hard in my mind, we reached our seats. Last time I was this excited was when I was leaving for Germany, so happy to look forward to an all new chapter. But this was different, very different. On this day, I didn’t want any freedom, liberty to do what I fancy, or anything. All I was looking forward to was the warmth of home, family.

With emotions elated, as was the plane, I took a glass of wine and just awaited 9 hours to pass.

4 thoughts on “Going back home after a long, long time…

  1. Nirav says:

    Hi! from where did you buy the tickets? Even I am planning a trip… Kindly share the “gift-ideas” ! I may as well need to gift my dear ones.


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