The touch down…back to India!

Lack of photos means that I truly lived that moment and don’t really need some pixels to capture the feelings…

The joy of landing at an airport after completing 3 movies, 5 glasses of wine and 3 meals cannot be measured when it is landing on your mother land. I could barely believe I was at Bangalore International Airport. This used to be a very often day-dream and I could only remember discussing away to glory what I would do when I went back. And here I was.


Getting off the plane and taking in the first breath of warm, muddy, after rain wind takes me back to all the good days. Couldn’t wait to reach outside and see my parents and my BT/Jun/Arjun (my brother), I quickly made way through all the formalities and out the main gates. Looking here and there, finally seeing parents and BT, ecstatic is not the word I am looking for to express my joy.

Some things never change, and this line states true for all mothers in the world and their habit of crying with happiness as soon as they see their children. After 12 minutes of explanation and hugging, she stopped crying and finally looked at me like never before. A whole lot of feelings and emotions were being transmitted just the way she was looking at me. Papa and BT didn’t stay behind in this and it took me another few minutes to calm them down. As much as I wanted to let the doors open for my tears, I didn’t. At least this was something that Germany made me, return stronger ( know how to hide expressions I mean).

It was 26 degrees at 3am at night and I had started to sweat in my jacket, so trying to get rid of it, I quietly kept that on top of my luggage. The same scene was happening right next to us, with my best friend and his family. Meeting them and same joy and welcome that I felt, made me already feel that this is where I finally belong. Nothing better than your own city and country in the world.

My mother by this time was already worried that it is too cold and I had to remind her that this was summer weather back in Germany. Smiling weakly to my already started Germany reference, we made way to the car. This was the first time I was seeing our new car and it was wonderful. Generally, sweets are given when someone comes home but every family is unique.

On the back seat, I found myself with a basket filled with few non-related things. There was idly & vada with chutney (south Indian snack),  cream bun (common bakery item at India), my favorite pastry from my favorite bakery and a bottle of water. This was it, I couldn’t stop my tears anymore. The glee with which I thanked them and attacked the food, well, only three others know. After the first bite of idly with chutney, I steamed out. Having absolutely no buds remaining which can withstand spice, I drank the entire bottle of water and we drove home with my incessant talks in the back seat.

4 thoughts on “The touch down…back to India!

  1. girisy says:

    nice post , could you tell us more about the life in germany and how you feel staying there for 2 years do you think of homeland or think of settling there , the controversies of thoughts 🙂


    • charupathni says:

      @girisy this entire blog is about my life at Germany. The feelings that I or rather all of us go through in a foreign land is common grounds for understanding…:) As of settling here or not, I don’t know what’s in store for me 🙂 I feel everything is planned in this “non-constant” world 🙂


  2. mona says:

    Omg amazing i lived in the words when evrr i am reading …but for the first time i felt it was really short ….i barely went in to read and it got over…..but always short or long i enjoy reading .


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