A walk through mind of a photographer…

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.

Having said that, let me introduce you to the person who is an inspiration to me as a photographer, traveler, optimist and most importantly a friend – Ronak Gandhi.

Ronak Gandhi - On the way to last pass of "Haute Route", Switzerland.

Ronak Gandhi – On the way to last pass of “Haute Route”, Switzerland.

He started a 90 days photo challenge exactly 45 days ago, and seeing him reach here and the excellence in his photography (or as he likes to call it “amateur photography”) made me wonder what does it take to take up such a thing? Why to begin in the first place? Hence, the interview.

  1. What inspired you to take this challenge? –                                            “Recently I moved to Berlin for an internship and thought to have a digital diary during my stay here. To do it best way I thought to upload 1 photo everyday for 90 days. This will help me to show beautiful Berlin to my friends and family and also it will improve my photography skill. To boost up my confident I came across a blog about a guy who uploaded 1 photo everyday for 365 days and I was amazed to read his experience. So by doing this I would like to have experience all those experience he did.


  2. Your perspective when you started and now after 45 days? –                         “As I explained in above question my main goal is to maintain a digital diary and to improve my skill. After few hiccups on my way during first few days I am still on my way to improve my skill and looking forward to document my remaining time of my 90 days.”                                                      
  3. Challenges that you faced in the first half phase (45 days)? –                           ” When I started my small project, I thought it would be easy to capture photo everyday and upload it, but after a week it turned out hard. There were days were I would not get much time to go out or would not feel like getting out my bed to take photo, but somehow I was able to motivate myself by taking picture. Apart from that as a newbie I needed to learn a lot in post work, so initially I was spending lots of time in post work and there have been nights where I would be awake till 2AM and getting up early in morning for work.”


  4. How and where you go for photography? –                                                           ” I don’t have any particular place for photography, I carry my camera everywhere I go and I prefer to walk at most places, as it in this way i have more options to see things happening around me and If I see something interesting, I can capture that moment.
    Many times after work I just take a walk at any random street without any fixed plan and during weekend I select any one famous place of Berlin and spend few hours over there and recently I have started to explore abandoned place around Berlin.”                                                              
  5. Any comments on Berlin/Chemnitz in terms of photography potential? –   “I would not like to compare two city for photography. An artist can find always find something in every city of the world.”


  6. What did you learn during this challenge? –                                                      “So far things I learned: 1) Persistent and 2) improved my skill a bit (but there is lot more to learn)”                                                                                          
  7. Any special words to all those who are budding in their interest of photography? –                                                                                                            ” Imagination of an individual is more important than the model of camera, So don’t think much and go out and take pictures.”


His story not only made my day, but also inspired me to look around each day, every place I visit and capture the moment. If not in a camera, in my memories forever. To check out his all 45 photographs of the 90 day challenge and also to follow it, like the page “90 Day Photo Challenge” on Facebook and let’s help each other to grow.

2 thoughts on “A walk through mind of a photographer…

  1. manojpathni says:

    Salute – The smart young amatuer kid on 90 days photo challenge along with internship. Keep it up Ronak……….. Kemcho….😊


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