Job search and application: When and How?

If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work. The alphabets have 25 more letters! Stay cool.

As soon we complete our education, the only question everyone seems to be asking is – ‘Have you found a job yet?‘ We obviously would like to answer that on a positive note and this blog post may (will) help you answer each one with a big yes. If not anyone else, to yourself. So let’s begin – When and How?
First things first, do NOT start thinking about jobs after the completion of studies. We need to most definitely begin in final year of the course. In case of bachelors, right from start of last semester and in case of higher studies, right from beginning of final thesis. Or if not right from start of thesis, at least from the time having completed conceptualization. (For those who haven’t read the post on master thesis, here is the link).

Irrespective of the country of application, one thing in common that must be kept in mind is – time-cushion.  This is the time we need to keep to prevent panicking when companies take forever to reply. They can take their own sweet time, and they will since we think it’s only one application by us. But we fail to realize that for a process to complete in a company it takes a really (really) long time. As time passes, we wonder what was wrong with the application and start losing confidence bit by bit, until we are invited for an interview of course(and we are back to the moon again).

So basically, making sure that application is sent minimum 4 months prior to estimated starting date is very crucial.

HOW? –
I have received a lot of questions regarding how to apply and which is a better way. Honestly, there isn’t one way of applying but the quality of application matters and can be a game changer. Websites like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and many more are the commonly accessed ones, especially by us (students or freshers) for one simple reason – These websites show us companies that we didn’t even know existed. Let’s be real – everyone knows the big players and it takes a lot of time to get familiar with more and more companies as we get deeper into the industry.

In my opinion (which has helped me personally) it is always better to make a list for our career related (industry related) companies, which do things that we might see our self doing in coming time. Once the list is ready, going to their individual website, reading about the company, going to their respective job portal and applying directly on the company website. It helps in giving an impression that this isn’t any other general application but very specific to their company.

Next most common doubt is whether to apply for a specific job position or an unconsolidated application. From what I have noticed, applying for specific job position shows the clarity of our goals. Sometimes, after a really long time an unconsolidated application may be replied to but that happens only when there are not enough or appropriate candidates for a certain position and knowing the world today, there is no scarcity of applicants.

Apart from kind of application, we can also apply for up to 2-3 positions in the same company but may not be the best option. There are plenty of fishes in the ocean, and it’s better to feed one application to each.

Also, in case of any questions, you can mail me directly on any of the email id’s given in the contact page 🙂

All the best 🙂

P.S. Coming blog posts will be on  per-requisites of applications, interviews and visa process in Germany after finding a job.

6 thoughts on “Job search and application: When and How?

  1. Dexter says:

    I have recently completed my Btech and I’m going abroad for my masters(basically I’m a fresher).I have not yet done many projects nor have any work experience. What’s the difficult level of getting a job when compared to a person having work experience ?


  2. Nitin Paruchuri says:

    I’m a Master student(Mech background in Bachelors and doing specialisation in Polymer technology) currently in 2nd semester and mine is 3 semester course. So, I should start my thesis from next semester and I’ve shortlisted the companies based on my interest. But the main difficulty and doubt as well what I’ve is “In which medium(German or English) I should apply to the companies?” I’ve been to several job, student and other fairs, I even asked my Professors, German friends, my seniors etc…but I got mixed responses…someone said to apply in German for getting reply(at least) and someone to apply in English as I’m a person who don’t know German up to the mark. So, please guide me in this and I really appreciate for the suggestions. Thank you.

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