Friends: Family away from home

“Friends are the family you choose”


One of the most essential things in life is having some genuinely good people with you, through your high and lows. And especially when you are away from home, it is friends that are with you irrespective of date or time in all the big moments. Ranging from birthday’s, to exams, to first salary, to getting visa extended or simply being unwell; friends are there to take a party for each thing and every small thing, makes it so special.

In the past 27 months away from home, I have learned something that I hadn’t while staying at home. And that is, reading people. We meet all kinds of people each day but only some remain in our lives forever (maybe not forever but for a part of the life), they are the ones whom we connect with and sometimes a conversation is completed just sitting on a hill-top with no words that could be heard. They are friends.

Personally, I have been hurt quite a lot of times during this time and I still wonder the reason sometimes. But it doesn’t matter now. If someone is meant to stay, it will happen.


In my opinion, no relation works if its only from one side. And there are times, where one must go out-of-the-way and be there for a friend. Simple gestures, small things that you do for one another leaves an imprint forever.

Finally, after a lot ups and downs, I have met some very special people in my life and they do mean family to me. Be it from the smallest event in life to something big that cannot be discussed at home, we are here for each other. Finding happiness in smallest of things, exploring new places and the long talks absolutely no solid topics are the memories that are going to be with me forever.


I shall be ending this wonderful, crazy year with this blog post and it is dedicated to all  my friends who have seen me at my best and my worst days and yet bearing with me through thick and thin. A big thank you to each one (they are so gonna kill me for thanks, but still) and I love you all so much.

Also, a hearty thank you to all my readers and wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and great start to a new year! 🙂


Until then, keep smiling and stay strong 🙂

P.S. Share your experiences about making friends in a new place and how did you manage 🙂

4 thoughts on “Friends: Family away from home

  1. Akhilesh rao says:

    Good read!! Addressing your P.S. I moved to Germany couple of years ago and initially I was always stuck with an Indian group, I don’t say it’s a bad thing but what I realized is that we somehow tend to have that comfort zone with the fellow countrymen while making friends. when it comes to making friends, it isn’t so difficult , even in a country like Germany where people are considered to be as cold as the weather. I live in a fairly remote place now and have made friends by just walking into a bar without speaking much German too. I had always heard of this cliched opinion where friends from your country are proved to be much more helpful when you’re in need but in my opinion it just depends on the closeness and not their nationalities. I would say just smile and wave, just smile and wave and then strike up a interesting conversation and there you are , afterall a friend in need is a friend indeed, one of the first proverbs I learnt in school 🙂

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