Blue Card in Germany!

“It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together”


First day of your real job can be a memorable day for all of us. It is exciting, finally the feeling of being independent strikes, the relief of studying no more and all sorts of thoughts running your mind you prepare yourself. Especially the dialogue that we all have told all our lives as students „When I start working, I will do/buy so and so“ runs in a loop during the first month of work.

But, reality is always different from what runs in our head. And so was this day for me.

Even though I was part of the family past 12 months, this was different. It was my first official day as an employee and the day began as it was supposed to. New photo taken for the id card, followed by me asking to head directly to my desk.

My new place was two rooms away from where I have been from past a year and the first thing I noticed as I walked in was my CPU was replaced with a workstation. I was excited for obvious reasons but then something else made my day even more perfect, my phone. I was given a personal number for the internal/external communication and it was the cherry I had been waiting for.


Now some of you might wonder why this made me so happy? Well, for one simple reason. The time I send the picture of my new work space to my parents, there would be no one else in this world more happy than them. Happiness in life isn’t about a laptop or phone, but their feelings of accomplishment and seeing me start my career at such a wonderful place.

I was introduced to my team and after the warm welcome I was introduced to my mentor. I emailed my tentative graduated certificate to the HR department. All was going well. We were installing all the things required for my work one after the other and I had no clue how it would all be. I had my first lunch at the canteen with my team and all I could manage to eat was salad and a dessert.

Few minutes after lunch, I got my first call on my phone. It was from the HR department and I was explained the situation.

So the thing was this – I had just completed my masters and I did have a work permit for three months before getting my blue card but, I was no longer a student of TU Chemnitz. According to the work permit, I was allowed to work as a regular employee as long as I was a student. All the events past 48 hours had changed that and as a result – I was very politely asked to sort my visa and then continue my work.

I left the my building and went to meet the HR personally to understand the situation better. I am really privileged to be working with such a wonderful company that is Vector Informatik GmbH. Each person from my boss, to the team mates and the HR, each one were extremely supportive and caring. They knew I would be back soon.

The situation was now this in short, I had to apply for my blue card on that very day and wait for an appointment. Until then, all was stand still and I was supposed to stay at home. With no studies, no income, living (managing) in one of the expensive cities (Stuttgart) of Germany was my next challenge. Due to the immigrants coming in each day to Germany in number of thousands, I couldn’t see an appointment any time soon.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should have shared this with my parents of not that day just for the fact that it was a really big day for them too. But I did (as usual) and all my dad told on phone were these words: “Charu, it’s not a big problem. It is just a work permit issue. You have been running since 6 years and now it is time you sit back and enjoy this time. Do not worry about anything, I am always here for you.” Ending my call started my tears, mixed with all the possible emotions that day and I made my way back to my room having no clue what next big thing was ahead of me.


P.S. Do leave your questions/opinions/comments in the comment section below 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Blue Card in Germany!

  1. Sanky says:

    That was quiet a personal experience and i have to admit, couldn’t manage the guts to write something like this over on social media yet.
    But yeah, as you asked the personal exp. regarding it, so:
    I started in the Munich office of UK giant (semiconductors) on 2nd Feb last year and lemme point out 2 funny things:
    – Contract was from 1st Feb (Sunday)
    – Got so called Blau Carte on 10th Feb 😀 😀

    So, yeah, heart beats were higher than normal during these 10 days but these days (professionally) were just as normal as today.

    Have the faith and frankly nobody cares about the VISA and stuff at the end it’s your work which shines !!!

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    • charupathni says:

      Hello Sanky,
      Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂
      Well, sometimes the same situation might not be the same for some people and even though I have mentioned before in my comments, I am/was aware of the rules but it didn’t work the same way 🙂
      However, congratulations for the Blue card and all the very best for your future 🙂


  2. Ravi says:

    Hello Charu/Guys,
    Nice post.. But want to share some additional thoughts on the Blue card thing, as I went through it very recently.
    If you are a Master student, you do not need ex-matriculation to apply for a Blue card. As long as you have a Bachelor degree and a valid work contract (some other basic things like health insurance etc) you are eligible for a blue card.
    And another interesting fact is, with a blue card you are eligible to study, but with a student visa you are not eligible to work. So in case you get a job during the end of the studies you can go ahead and join the work.. This is no issue.. Hope it helps 🙂

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    • depnik says:

      Hi Ravi and Charu,

      I finished my thesis 6th October last year and joined the company as a full time employee on 21st october itself. My thesis presentation was to happen in November.
      The HR from my company enquired at the Ausländers office and they mentioned that i can start my job with the student visa for 120 full days and meanwhile apply for a blue card.

      I suggest you to speak at the Ausländers office and maybe you can proceed with your job

      PS: My blue card appointment was scheduled 15th of this month i.e. nearly three months after i joined.

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      • Ravi says:

        Hey Depnik,
        That is totally right. But this also depends on the fact that you weren’t doing a part time job or a voluntary internship in the calendar year. Even student is eligible to work for 120 full days in a year, so you can use it as per your convenience 🙂

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    • charupathni says:

      Hello Ravi,
      Thank you for sharing your views…:)
      Well, I was aware of these rules but during my time, the immigrants were coming in hundreds per day and Visa office didn’t really help me much. Also, when I told them the same thing, things took a long time to process. Hence, the problems 🙂
      Nonetheless, thank you again for sharing the rules. It will surely help someone in same shoes 🙂


  3. Giridhar Shenoy says:

    Really Important read for me. Helps us plan the studies well. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy to see a lot of smileys in the comments from you and hope they continue. 🙂
    Ill be following the blog to know the rest of the processes.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Akhilesh says:

    Did the exmatriculation happen so soon? It wasn’t the case in my university atleast. I was still considered a student until the commencement of the following semester as I still had the valid beschienigung (admission certificate for the semester).

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    • charupathni says:

      Well since I had my final presentation on the last semester of 4th semester, I had submitted my exmatriculation that afternoon and next day onwards that is the new semester, I wasn’t a student any longer…:)


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