Glimpse of Berlin,Germany in 150 seconds!

If you haven’t been to Berlin yet, this is the place to start. And if you have, this is the place to remind you how beautiful it was.

I happen to have visited Berlin last December but no amount of photos could justify its beauty or capture its soul.

But, my friend and an outstanding photographer – ‘Ronak Gandhi’ seems to have wrapped it all up in 150 seconds!

Sit back, and enjoy the 150 seconds Berlin time-lapse with absolute awe.

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3 thoughts on “Glimpse of Berlin,Germany in 150 seconds!

  1. Piyush says:

    This surely is a video of Berlin, but definitely not from December month. It was freezing here in Berlin in December, tourists with summer clothes in December? Are you kidding me? Proper sunshine? Temperature was below zero. This surely is berlin but not in the month of December.


    • charupathni says:

      Hello Piyush,
      I mentioned that I was there in December but couldn’t capture it. My friend lived there for 4 months and took these over the time. And finally created this marvelous piece 🙂
      Hope that clears your doubt.
      Have a nice day! 🙂

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    • gandhironak says:

      Hello Piyush as my friend told me this video is of Berlin but nor from December. I started taking pictures from Mid August till end of November. For e.g. photos from potsdamer platz, check point charlie, some part of river Spree, Charlottenburg and Flag are taken in Nov and Dec while remaining are taken in Aug and Sept.

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