A fresh beginning or an improved past, 2017!

“Each day teaches us something and each person in our life is for a reason…”

Another year has flown by and before we know it, we were celebrating new year and hoping for a better year now…

The thing is, there is no better year. Each year brings a lot of lessons, memories and teachings. Sometimes we feel we have grown as a person and sometimes it’s just getting a wider perspective on things.

Last year, each week, I used to think a lot about topics to write about. Answering to emails about Germany, admissions, job prospects and life in Germany kinda got on to me after 3 years. Nonetheless, it continues. But apart from that, I happen to realize that I can write about anything. It needn’t be anything extra-new because there is no such thing which is not available on internet, thanks to Google.

Hence, I decided to write about daily life things, with my own, non-filtered perspective. Because each one has a unique perspective and why should I stop myself from writing just because I don’t know how my perception shall be perceived.
Along with quite a few resolutions, things are definitely going to be different than last year for me.

Being overly sensitive, over-thinking, and not being able to say a simple word and a sentence itself, NO – all these are going to change.

It doesn’t make anyone selfish if you’re thinking about improving yourself for the better. Does it?

Initially, when I first started blogging, as an aspiring immature writer, I wished and wanted to bring about a change. Influence for the good and bring more happiness. Make at least one person smile with my words. It started off that way, and it went on well. Over the course of time, my focus blurred. I did get into the pressure of being ‘politically correct’ sometimes. But that’s not me.

Recently, my brother reminded me that it’s my straightforwardness and no-filter-not-tying-a-bow-while-expressing kinda attitude makes me who I am. Not gonna let that happen. If I change that, I am not me and very brutally he did tell me that people who genuinely like me for me, will not anymore.

Therefore, all the more motivation and reason to start writing again. My perspective on things. Stories and experiences to share. So that someone, somewhere is benefited and knows that you are not alone. Be strong and keep smiling.

So, to kick-start things, I have promised myself to write regularly again and I will do my best to keep that up.

I hope all my readers had a great start to the year!

I wish each one a very happy new year 2017 and I hope to hear from anyone who would like to share and give their opinions on anything and everything to me. You are most welcome.

Keep smiling and stay strong! 🙂

P.S. On a very unrelated note, if any of my readers are applying to Vector Informatik for internship, thesis or job, you are most welcome to contact me before sending in your application. I would be more than happy to help you out 🙂

4 thoughts on “A fresh beginning or an improved past, 2017!

  1. Nirav says:

    I would say writing is just showing your perspective. And your perspective is interesting. So just don’t think too much abt blockges, simply present your perspective. 🙂


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