Getting Germanized or Simply Adapting?

“You’re such a German now”.

After hearing this for n number of times now, I guess it’s time to write what I have actually adapted that makes my friends and acquaintances think that I am such a German now.

  • Preferring beer over other alcoholic drinks…?
  • Looking for origin of products and buying what seems to be better for the farmers (for example).
  • Enjoying schlager but mostly during festive season.
  • Being at least 10–15 minutes early before appointed time, even if it’s informal meeting.
  • Complaining profusely when public transport is running late even by couple of minutes (because that’s going to make me late, obviously).
  • Preferring fresh bakery products rather than supermarket breads.

  • Taking my time to understand people before considering them my real friends (didn’t happen before).
  • Knowing and admitting that German is indeed a hard language but at the same time enjoying the beauty of the language (secretly).
  • Getting annoyed with some words like ‘Affe!’,Idioten!’, if some driver is not really giving way on the left lane and going at a super slow speed on autobahn.
  • Enjoying würst(s) of all kinds at any time of the day.
  • Discussing politics but being politically correct, making sure no sensitive topics are touched.
  • Being straightforward about my opinion, if asked. Rather than beating around the bush.
  • Knowing that Sunday is for cleaning and making sure no loud sounds disturb my neighbors.
  • Adding every single tiny detail (termin) to my calendar. And also, checking it before making some more appointment. It’s better to check now than cancel later right?
  • Getting annoyed if someone doesn’t throw the waste in right boxes.
  • Planning and organizing at least 4 weeks in advance, especially if it involves other people too.
  • Being so happy and excited to see the sun (which does happen seldom) 🙂

  • In general complaining about things if it isn’t right (even a bit).
  • Absolutely enjoy the nature during weekends and not leave any opportunity to go wandering if the weather is right!
  • Turning into a mini dragon every time I accidentally eat spicy food! (And this is probably not that normal, considering I am an Indian by birth).
  • Not really interfering with anyone’s business if I am not really connected with it.
  • Enjoying potatoes in every form possible, every chance possible.
  • Finally, not saying anything in a conversation until and unless I am absolutely sure about it!

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Some of these things were instilled in me because of my father, who is from an Army background and I grew up with some ethics that HAD to be followed.

Some I picked up from some of my closest friends and family here in Germany.

Last year, I was adopted (unofficially of course) by one of my best friends family 🙂 And ever since, I think getting more Germanized is part of my journey 🙂

So if this is, ‘You are such a German now’, I am proud of it 🙂

Keep smiling! 🙂

P.S. Please share your part of the story and if there are things you can relate to! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting Germanized or Simply Adapting?

  1. Nirav says:

    I feel adapted if I

    Never interrupt the other person, be direct but very polite, save every month like Sparschwein/Sparanlagen, have atleast one die hard hobby and be a member if at least 1 Verein, know how to swim, be prouder than the English, love their language – more importantly their accent, family first, sicher ist sicher, work hard grill hard, have a photo on websites/ flyer/ brochure… , put a blob of rock/ wood beside house door, encourage education, respect kids and elders alike, there are no dumb questions but dumb answers, organised, buy expensive car, have and give space, thank and apologise…
    I can go on! 🙂


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