Frame of mind…

“Life isn’t waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

I opened Quora for my regular read. And yesterday I saw a message, from someone whom I haven’t met but has been in touch for months now. He contacted me first when he stumbled upon my blog and some answers on Quora and ever since, it’s been kind of exchange of thoughts from time to time. Yesterday he particularly asked me about my absence in writing on both the platforms. That gave me a little time to think, again, why have I really stopped writing?

Where has all the motivation gone?

Where is the passion to write down feelings, opinions, experiences and sharing with each one out there. What about the hope to connect with people who go through the same?

I also realized that the frequency of penning down thoughts have been on a downhill since March 2016. I’ve barely found the, I don’t know which word would be most appropriate here but lets just say, interest (to be polite). But why?

Is it because of time? Am I not finding enough time? No, can’t be it. Everyone only has 24 hours and it depends on each one how to make and use time.

All evening I gave it a thought and finally it struck me. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that we are unaware of, though right in front of us.

The reason I found most adapt was – the opinions of people. There came a time when people expected a certain theme, flow and thoughts from me. They expected me to write about and share about a certain things. That sub consciously put me under the pressure of being out of box and extra good. But that doesn’t work. I am no writer.

I am but someone who started writing to motivate, help and share. Being me. And myself, truly.

And over course of time, each time I had a thought of writing, it was overshadowed by the thoughts of the imaginary comments and views I would get by someone reading somewhere. And now almost 2 years later, here I am. Again, ready to write and share. Not for anything but the simple motivation of writing to relate to people who go through same things, and if possible make someone smile, somewhere 🙂

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

There are a hundred things that we go through. For you and me, it might be regular. But you never know how the regular might be fun/funny/ or even a simple push for someone in times of need 🙂

Thank you kind reader for the simple message, that pushed me to write, yet again 🙂

And yes, it was his idea to start with ‘Frame of Mind’. Thank you again 🙂

Let’s get the stones rolling again!

Keep smiling and stay strong 🙂

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