Work trip to India – Little things…

If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. ~ J. K. Rowling

Today marks the completion of my last 6 weeks in India. I am here on an official trip. My first one ever, and a long one indeed. 6 weeks ago, I remember sitting in my hotel room, pondering and wondering if the steps I’ve taken were right. Lots of thoughts, anticipations (imaginary) and courage, my journey began.

There will be posts on various topics that I’ve been wanting to write about in coming time, but today is about a very special topic – Karma.

So here I am, preparing and packing to check out from this hotel. I go down to the reception to get my invoice so that I save time in morning. And as soon as I reached, this really sweet lady from the staff asks me, “Are you leaving tomorrow? Why? When would you be back again?“. I genuinely hope sooner than I expect and that’s what I told her. The sincerity in her voice and eyes, made me ask why. “Some people you just make connections with“, she replied. I just could manage smiling from end to end and was so touched.

The staffs at this hotel have particularly made the stay absolutely fabulous. Then she asked if we could have a photo. I told, I wanted to do that! I wasn’t sure if it was allowed or not. And then we took some pictures. She again repeated the same thing, and told “It was so nice to have you here“. I told it was because of you all that my time was so comfortable and they are the ones who need special thanks. She then handed me a gift and told that’s from her and another colleague (since the colleague was on holiday and couldn’t say goodbye, this was a small gesture from them). I was taken aback. I genuinely thanked her, hugged her a few times, she on brink of tears with a smile and then I took my farewell.

Since I wouldn’t be seeing her in the morning, she wanted to do this the evening before. Others who were also working night shift, we exchanged a nice goodbye and all I remember at this moment is the sincerity with which they spoke to me.

Some might say (and have told) that it’s their job to do this and they are doing it. I would like to politely oppose this point. Yes, it’s a part of their job to make sure people are comfortable, but it is not a part of anyone’s job to have that extra sincere smile and small talks, every single day when I come back to the hotel. The touch of humanity, talks, and smiles exchanged leaves a deep impression.

However, still in my unexpected thoughts and waiting for the elevator, another guest joins me waiting. I notice her walk into the hotel, and she seemed to be a native of India too, wearing pretty good (consider high standard) clothes. She waits along, doesn’t respond to hello or smile (neither from the staff, nor from me), having her nose up in the air, gets into the elevator, and gets off a floor before mine.

Now this might have seemed like a very simple day-to-day event, but since I was returning from this wonderful goodbye I got, it stirred a thought and hence the blog post.

In the past weeks that I’m here, there have been all kinds of people who I see regularly, some just once or twice and then new ones again. Among all these people, there have been times when some talk, some don’t and some who treat the staff with respect and some think no end of themselves. And I used to wonder why. A lot of times, I gave benefit of the doubt to these people. Maybe their mood isn’t fine. Maybe they had a bad day. There has to be a story/reason behind their not so respectful behavior. But this time I drew my line.

I am no one to judge. But when I see someone being disrespectful to anyone who is ‘supposedly’ smaller than them (in social sense), they lose my respect instantly.

Why do people forget that money, or being at a good position in your company doesn’t make you any better than someone who has basic values of life right. Unfortunately there is an immediate judgement looking at someone (someone maybe who opens your door when you step out of car) by a lot of people, that is instantly noticed. Yes, you may have been fortunate enough to have reached where you did, worked hard – yes, but that doesn’t make anyone else any less valuable.

I know a lot of them who treat everyone well, and unfortunately I also see a lot of them who don’t. And it hurts me to see such a behavior. Why? We are but a tiny speck when you think about the universe. No where visible from space above and yet, the power of position and money makes you behave so sh*tty. Why?

A smile and 2 nice words can change your day and someone else’s day. It’s that simple. And it all comes back. I truly believe in that.

This morning, I picked up my last bag, met each of the restaurant staff and thanked them for everything. Another lady from here told, “It was lovely seeing your smile each morning, I will surely miss you. Do come back soon and let’s stay in touch“. Her words made my day brighter, and I didn’t even know I did anything each morning all these weeks to make hers. Again, it is that simple.

I have sure met some really nice people during this trip. I’ve learned so much. And my horizons continue to widen each day. So thankful for such opportunities.

If you think your words, smile can help anyone, then don’t hesitate. You never know where and how you leave an impact on people.

Keep smiling and stay strong! πŸ™‚

P.S. Some more posts on my ‘Work Trip to India – Part x’ coming soon πŸ™‚



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