Highs and lows…

As we grow we realize things are changing. time is moving at the speed of light. And before you know you it, you’re seeing some photos that your phone reminds you and it’s been already 3 years since that awesome dinner with friends that you so vividly remember.

Past few weeks have been some really high and low points. That’s pretty normal, I guess. We all have them.

The realization that life has changed so much and we still cherish the beautiful memories of the past, from school or college and some from all the struggles that we now smile upon.

Living alone teaches one a lot of things, but that’s probably best for another post for another time. Today is about how things can bring you down and how we can fight them and stand again, and repeat.

For all those who know me personally, and we spend time together pretty often, it’s easy for you to say that Charu is happy all the time. How do you get all the energy. Why are you so motivated. You never cry. Can’t imagine you being low. And particularly in last few weeks, I’ve certainly heard a lot of these.

But I’ll be real here… I’m not.

I am too like everyone else who has her lows and does get touched by very little things. I do cry for no reason at all (valid ones I mean) from time to time. And then next day I laugh for no reason at all too. Now, if you are thinking I need a therapist for being this way. Trust me, I’ve thought about it. But I think I’ll keep that at bay for now.

So what really makes us human? All these little things. No one has the superpower of being strong at all times and the reason for writing today is, yes, it’s not easy. And don’t worry, you’re not weak by being low sometimes.

What brings us low or high is dependent on each of us individually. But what can make us feel better, normal and bring us back to track – motivation. Yes, it’s a common word, easy to use and hard to implement. And hence the following thoughts.

Remember how we used to be super excited about achieving every little thing? And how we simply forgot and forgave people who *hurt us? And how happy we were if we simply got our favorite food? Well, in today’s time, when we have all the amenities, financial independence,  all possible opportunities to travel,  living in best of ways that our grandparents would be so happy to see us in, and yet we are not satisfied? Why?

Some say they are too old for this shit (people turning 30 or in their 30’s). Like are you kidding me? Don’t you see a grandma on street around 85 years old and laughing and smiling, walking with her bag or roller and still, living the moment? How are we old? It is defined in our hearts and mind. I’m not suggesting jump around and be happy for each balloon you see (I mean if you would like, I’m on board, because I am so). But why not?

Whatever happened to simple things that motivate us?

Hence, whenever I’m low, it’s okay. I give it time, cry if needed, watch some comforting series and sleep well. Next day on wards, I try looking for opportunities to do something that is out of my routine. Be it participating in an event which is totally not for me. Like running. I am no runner but the joy of enjoying those km with some friends or colleagues, brings me to another level of happiness. Or simply planning or organizing something with some close people and being absolutely excited about it.

So what if it’s the same fish or rice? Isn’t it about being happy with people around?

And if people don’t have the time, which most don’t (I understand). Then doing something at home, from cleaning to dancing, or simply trying a new recipe and being super proud of yourself.

Well, the options and things to do are plenty. Each one has their things that tick them off. So let’s keep finding ours, apart from our monotonic work days or extra stressful work days and from time to time, reach deep into our hearts and enjoy each day that we live.

We are not here simply to work, make houses, buy fancy cars and die. No one cares and will care about that.

It’s a sad yet motivating thought for me, what would I want people tell about me on my funeral? Just wondering. But nevertheless, no one will surely tell that she used to super rich or poor. Or how wonderfully I kept my hair. They would however, remember and I hope so, if I ever made them smile 🙂

So, find your motivation (I bet this word doesn’t sound as hard anymore) and keep going. Because no one is perfect. And perception of everything around us is mostly not the reality 🙂

Keep smiling and stay strong! 🙂


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