Never too late to rekindle…

Distance makes love grow. Distances make you grow fonder of one another. Distance makes you come closer. No, I am not particularly talking about love partner here. It can be any relation. And more common than ever – friendships. With people moving out of the cities and towns that we grew up in, settling in other cities and countries, this is more than just a statement. And here’s just my perspective on it.

This is my 7th year living away from home. It’s another normal Saturday. Just finished cooking, cleaning, washing and typical weekend chores and I’m sitting watching some photos from past. Well I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who sits and sees old photographs when I’m missing my family and friends. And it’s one nice of way of remembering some good times together. And then my attention moves to my phone. The same old WhatsApp status and instagram and scrolling through facebook.

It’s nice that technology keeps us “connected”. Basically just shows us how everyone is happy in their lives, and yet I would like to share something with everyone else. Concept is not bad. But for someone who’s missing friends or just thinking of some good times, scrolling through everyones post doesn’t particularly help me feel better. And I’m sure, I’m not alone with this feeling.

Coming back to the closeness with distance and such “wise” words. Is it really true?

I was in India last year on a business trip and could manage to catch up with a lot of old friends. I was ecstatic! We shared everything that had happened over the years. How our lives have changed and how we’ve grown. Topics have changed and what not. And then came a time, when I had to leave. I was overwhelmed seeing everyone, even though most I could see them was once.

Then I was back. And like every trip, you’re still in that phase. Try being in touch, catching up every second week and just exchanging some messages. All so wonderful. And then – one gets back to routine. And it just feels like, when you’re out of their sight, you’re out of their mind. I wish it was that easy for me to follow the same rule. It’s somehow way more difficult to keep things out of mind. And you keep trying to be in contact. The contact and replies lessen. And we are back to square one.

But it’s logical isn’t it? Or so what I try to tell myself. How do you find a bond or maintain a bond when there is nothing more to talk about? When we don’t really get one anothers situation?

Actually, this applies even after living in same city. Communication has gone down to comments on each others profiles / status’s.

If you feel the time same from time to time and miss your friends, try to get in touch and see how they’re doing. Maybe they’re just waiting for you to get in touch first.

And if you get a feel that they really don’t need you in their life anymore, then respect their wishes and move on. Stop hurting yourself. It isn’t worth it.

Why the random post about distance, friendship, and love?

Because from time to time, I simply wish that I could experience things with them back home! We have technology that helps us video chat and live the moments! We have enough internet data pack each day (in India it’s anywhere between 1GB-3GB per day!) And yes, we can talk and share things anytime!

What’s missing? And why is it so difficult?

Because now that we have the technology to do it, the feelings are missing.

And that’s the bitter truth in today’s world we live in.

Seeing instagram we can all say that other person is living “the” life! What we have forgotten is that we are but humans and each one has their battles. Each one has their fair share of problems and if we leave the gram life aside, and talk to one another as normal old friends, we would probably be happier.

I’m not saying I’m perfect. I have realised this after being hurt quite a few times myself last year. But it’s never too late to rekindle where you left off. Before we all just see one another in photos and never have a chance to hear them ever again…

2 thoughts on “Never too late to rekindle…

  1. anilkumar008 says:

    Such a simple but deep thought, I believe most of us go through these feelings n charu u have represented al of us in ur own way.
    I could connect some of the lines to myself and some lines were simple lessons to learn.
    Thank you charu 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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