Valentine's Day

So, this entire week I had lots of thoughts about what should I really write about. Lots of topics came up that I thought I should definitely write about. And to be honest until this afternoon it was about something completely different.

But sometime ago, I decided to go with the celebrated theme for today – Valentine’s day.

Like some of us already saw the google doodle for today, it was about history of valentine and many theories that conspire behind it. Everything about why do we ‘celebrate’ this day.

Well, I don’t.

Ironically, I’ve been a romantic all my life (still am). I do like little things, surprises, things that mean something. And I wouldn’t wait for valentines day to wait and express something.

Somehow, even more ironically, I’ve never been with anyone who was too much into the whole celebrating thing. I always did put an extra effort. But why? Why was it so important?

I don’t really know. Maybe because we grow up with all these romantic movies that show us the world that doesn’t exist. Show us men that do these overly romantic things for their partners. Do they really exist? I wouldn’t know.

Well, on the other hand, I am married now. And I think most would have the opinion that I shouldn’t stress about something like this. True. Maybe. I don’t know.

My plan is to make some Maggi, tea, and watch a movie with my husband. And yes, it’s cute, comfortable and well, maybe that’s something we all want someday. Chill and enjoy the comfort.

But my point is something different.

No, my husband is not the romantic types. And it’s alright. He expresses himself in some way or another and his love, everyday with little things he does. And I really appreciate it.

Why am I still stressing about this whole topic?

Maybe because years of movies and tv series isn’t gonna erase itself from the perception that’s built in minds.

And that’s fine.

I think the most important thing I learnt this Valentines day – thanks to social media (!!!) is that why just chose one day to put a cute picture of your partner/parents/kids (literally 99% of my contacts!) and not appreciate them as and when you feel like?

The most important thing is to love yourself. And I think that’s something we all forget.

Love yourself, appreciate yourself, and most importantly – be happy with yourself. Because if you are not happy with yourself, you would never be able to make someone else happy.

In the past I always looked for partners / people / friends / family to appreciate me. But after constant disappointments I learned that that was the wrong way. It’s not needed or right to wait for validation.

Just love yourself for who you are. Improve yourself if you’re not fine with something. And be kind when you can.

Rest all will get easier, and I know that because I have been through some hard shit (Like each of us out there!). It will come out in future posts. And no, you’re not alone 🙂

Keep smiling and stay strong 🙂

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day to each one out there, because you are special and worth it! 🙂

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