In these times of distress, the last thing we need is another post on Corona/Covid19 or anything that talks about it. We have more than enough sources for that. to the point that even the advertisements that interrupt games on mobile have information/news about this topic.

So let me do experts do their job. I’m here to share not just mine but a lot of common views together today.

We are either working or scrolling through our phones, when we are not watching TV or cooking or cleaning. Or taking care of kids (for everyone who has kids). And one common thing that I noticed while endlessly scrolling is the extreme ends of motivation and negativity.

Maybe I’m slow, but we have those epiphanys! And mine was the extreme ends.

“Use this time to relax, detox, be yourself and find yourself.”

“Use this method to lose that fat that you’ve been meaning to.”

“Call friends and show the whole world what you just did”

“Take some time off and do nothing” – (but then people think you don’t care if they’re doing fine).

Well these examples are just on top of my mind. Something we keep scrolling and seeing at every platform.

What I don’t understand is – there is no right or wrong here.

Some could use this time to get fitter – it could be feel mentally stronger after this is done. Or feel positive about themselves. Or lose a couple of kilos. But whatever it is – isn’t the end result coming out happier?

This time can be super overwhelming. We all are in it together and for the first time in our generation (lifetime, hopefully) we have a chance to take this time to support one another, and most importantly ourselves.

If you’re friend/family feels better if you talk to them and catch up often, then that’s the way you can help them. If they need their space and although you’re craving to talk to them – give them the space and time. That’s how you are helping them. I’ve been on both sides (I think most of us have).

If you think cooking things you never got time for before makes you happy – do it. Do it for yourself. Share it if that makes you happy.

If you’ve had hobbies and games lying around for years but never got the time – it’s time to dust them off and try it out.

And if you too think that social media is getting a tad bit much – feel free to switch off your phone (if you can) or simply switch off the notifications for all the apps on your phone (that’s what I tried and worked for me). You’ll go to your phone only when you really need something or genuinely have to talk to someone.

And honestly, if making funny videos or workout videos or anything that you enjoy doing makes you happy – do it.

This is like a really sad version of summer vacation. But think about it – we always say once school is over we never get them again – here we are. I really hope there is no second version of this summer vacation but at this time – all we can do is to make most of it – AT HOME (please).

What have I been doing?

Well, I got married a couple of months ago and I had made a promise to spend more time with my husband than making plans outside all the time. Didn’t know that life would give me such a chance right after that. So I’m trying to spend as much as fun time with my husband.

No, we don’t spend all day together. We don’t even spend more than couple of hours together in a day. Yes, we are in same home. We have one office room, so that means we work in same room with 2 separate work spaces.

I’m learning to be with someone comfortably without the impulse/urge of doing something together all the time.

I’m learning to spend quality time with him, play games, laugh (and cry laughing) because of the stupidest reasons, watch TV together (sometimes), share household work, and yes – I wouldn’t spend 6 weeks with anyone but him in this situation.

I love cooking, so I’m continuing my trials and errors with that. I’ve found all the books I’d bought, never read. And now finishing them one after another. There was a puzzle kept untouched since 2013, so did that. Found my lost love for yoga. And irritating the husband and my brother to try them – I think I should stop because it’s getting on their last nerve. No, not stop doing yoga, but to stop trying to convince them to try it out. Not happening and won’t happen. And luckily for us in Germany, we are allowed to go out for some kind of activity (cycling, walking, running) – so I do get my dose of fresh air too πŸ™‚ And I really try to do things that have been on to-do list since ages! Not getting that far with that, but baby steps are okay πŸ˜€

Doesn’t sound much, but that’s keeping me sane. Oh wait, the work from home is actually keeping me busy most of the day. Realizing that working from home can be fun, productive and keeps you sane at such times. And being or trying to find peace within yourself by either isolating or talking to loved ones. We need all kinds all the time.

So guys, no matter where you are – this part of sharing my story was just to say – no matter what is going on, let’s make use of it AS YOU WANT IT. And don’t let social media make you believe that what you are doing is productive or not. Because you are doing it for yourself, and enjoy every bit of it.

“My definition of productivity might not be same as yours, and that’s okay. I’m still happy to hear and share about it.”

A very dear friend of mine… *You know who you are*

Keep going strong, stay safe and healthy! Keep doing what you can as a responsible human at this time… πŸ™‚

And most importantly, keep smiling πŸ™‚

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