Mental Health

Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.

Fred Rogers

In this world where speaking about a lot of things are a taboo. And being politically correct is of utmost importance. Not being rude (rather real), but being fake-fine has more value, because otherwise, you might ruin a relation. And the news each day, every few minutes that notification on the screen – everything is getting overwhelming.

It always was like this. News was always filled with despair, wars, the most ridiculous reasons for murders, rapes, acid attacks, and what not. But maybe it didn’t affect me as such, because I never looked into them. My notifications to news was off. And my source of wonderful news was social media. As time passed and I came to realise that what we see on social platforms is just tip of the ice berg and most of the times fake news, I switched to real mediums of news apps.

They are sad. They do make me wonder what is really happening in the world but they keep me in real world. Updated with real news. And learn about what idiocracy human race is turning into. And no, I wouldn’t say sorry about using that word because we are living with and on egg shells a lot more than before. And I think there’s a good limit to it.

Recently, another horrific news about a young actor taking his own life. It’s been on news, even German news apps surprisingly, social media platforms, whatsapp statuses and what not. And each day, there are several “friends” coming up and mentioning when did they last talk to him. Some even claiming to know he was in depression since years now. Some talking about how much they will miss him. And well, all the other obligatory statutes that they use to show how much they cared.

Trust me, until few years ago, I used to wonder what would people talk when I no longer breath. How would they react. Heck, even thought about how many people would probably attend my funeral. But another realisation put some sense into me.

It doesn’t matter.

I don’t honestly care what or who would bother anymore.


Because if the so called friends, family, acquaintance, people who used to be friends but have turned into strangers and many more – don’t have the connection now or live the moments while you are alive – how does it matter who posts a photo or status when you’re gone?

This might sound harsh, but it’s true. Think about it for a second.

All those people whom you are trying to think about at this moment, who are not with you or value you while you breath, how do they matter later?

So, this incident of the young actor, yet another heartbreaking example of how mental health is ignored, avoided and well – no one wants to talk about it.

This is everywhere. We all have stories. We all have our struggles. And we all need strength and support. And sometimes we need professional help! Please understand, that in the society we live in, it’s not so common to talk about getting professional help. And sometimes one does need it.

Where does this come from? From the closest of people in our lives. Humans are people who have the blessing to live with energies of various forms. We crave for positive vibes. And human or not, we all need love. and these people can help us cross that barrier if you’re scared or feel uncomfortable to do it alone.

Is it that difficult to give the love and support to our loved ones? Is it so difficult to ask someone if they’re okay, if you feel they aren’t? Is it so difficult to talk about mental health issues? Instead of making it a taboo, is it difficult to say, you need help, I’m with you, let’s seek professional help.

Sometimes we need to give people their space. Understandable. I’m not suggesting asking everyone on your contact list everyday if they’re okay.

But, if you have a feeling that the person seems off, or somethings bothering him/her, why do we hesitate?

It’s super easy to put some status and talk about love and friendship, but why is it so difficult to leave that person a message and give some words of support? Just a simple, you matter – can literally change someone’s day.

And the ones who are going through something, well, there has to be more than that.

Please do not hesitate to talk to the closest people in your life. Please don’t hesitate to get yourself professionally diagnosed. Please do not hesitate to get help.

You’re not alone. And if we can seek help or provide help in any form, it can help hundreds of people who think about taking their lives every single day. And as much as you think you can’t do anything, well, we all can.

We all have the blessing to open our mouths, talk to someone, give the love and strength in form of words.

If you think moving on, leaving someone on your journey of life can bring you the peace, then talk and move on. Don’t let the toxicity bring your every 24 hours down.

Let’s use those words in person, and not after they’re gone on our status’s.

I think it’s time to talk now and not brush things under the carpet, just because they’re uncomfortable.

Mental health has been real, is real and it’s high time we acknowledge it’s importance with utmost priority before it’s too late.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” 

Glenn Close

Stay strong and stay safe. Lots of love to you.

…….. Please seek professional help, and don’t take any form of medicine which is not prescribed by a authorised doctor. If you can’t do this alone, your loved one can help you. Talk to them and go with them…….

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