Small Steps – Part 2

Each step towards your goal matters. And this couldn't be any truer. The motivation to wake up before starting work so that I could squeeze in the yoga and focus on training in evening. The motivation to actually leave home and wear shoes and go out. The motivation to plan new routes every now and … Continue reading Small Steps – Part 2

Small Steps – Part 1

Sometimes it's the smallest of things that matter the most. This Corona time, everyone has been trying to keep themselves busy in some way or another. So have I. And this has been great opportunity to take up challenges for yourself. What always fascinated me is seeing people run for hours. Do marathons and long … Continue reading Small Steps – Part 1


12 things to know at a German workplace

"A workplace can be enjoyed or suffered depending on your attitude towards it!" My first place of work, first step into professional world, first taste of how an organization works in professional terms was at - "Vector Informatik GmbH" (still is). Now just to be clear, this post is solely based on what I have … Continue reading 12 things to know at a German workplace