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12 things to know at a German workplace

“A workplace can be enjoyed or suffered depending on your attitude towards it!” My first place of work, first step into professional world, first taste of how an organization works in professional terms was at – “Vector Informatik GmbH” (still is). Now just to be clear, this post is solely based on what I have… Continue reading 12 things to know at a German workplace

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Enough with introductions, let’s get real!

I honestly don’t know how I felt seeing people of all age groups smoking, making out in public or simply living the way wanted to. It is their personal choice and I had to just do what I was here for. None of that really bothered me, because I haven’t been bought up as if… Continue reading Enough with introductions, let’s get real!

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Someone’s watching over you…

Well, it was time to get ready to move, again. Before I left India, I met someone from Gurudwara (temple), who’s relatives lived in Germany (For my luck, very close to Chemnitz). So, once I was here, I got in touch with them and they agreed to meet me. My first car ride in Audi(Yay!!).… Continue reading Someone’s watching over you…

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Just started learning…

So once I shifted into another room, it was different all together. First thing I needed was to get grocery. I was informed the cheapest supermarket is Penny and then Edeka. Bent by habit of saving, I reached penny obviously. Now to remove the trolley, there’s a system (again), we need to insert a coin… Continue reading Just started learning…

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