Getting Germanized or Simply Adapting?

“You’re such a German now”. After hearing this for n number of times now, I guess it’s time to write what I have actually adapted that makes my friends and acquaintances think that I am such a German now. Preferring beer over other alcoholic drinks…? Looking for origin of products and buying what seems to … Continue reading Getting Germanized or Simply Adapting?

Belgium like never before! – Part 1

When things are not the way you expected them to be, simply take a step back and have a break. That's exactly what we did. The 3 musketeers. On a random afternoon after lunch, pondering over what we spoke while eating, we realized that there is indeed a lot on plate and it will always … Continue reading Belgium like never before! – Part 1


12 things to know at a German workplace

"A workplace can be enjoyed or suffered depending on your attitude towards it!" My first place of work, first step into professional world, first taste of how an organization works in professional terms was at - "Vector Informatik GmbH" (still is). Now just to be clear, this post is solely based on what I have … Continue reading 12 things to know at a German workplace